A Message to Lightworkers – August 26, 2022  🌟


Greetings, Beautiful Being!

I again send many blessings of Peace and calm as we surf these intense solar Light waves.

And because of all we are experiencing now — while praying in NESARA — Transformation and Transmutation are still at the heart of it all.

This week’s Message is a conversation with Ascended Master Saint Germain, Lady Master Portia’s twin flame, on the conundrum of being in the physical, yet grasping our Creator power to shift outer situations first by shifting their vibration:

SAINT GERMAIN: With Peace and prosperity at the door, your own tired souls and Earth lives, evolving and Ascending forward, are realizing, Time to awaken!

Time to remember Who we are—Divinity in form! Time to stand up and reclaim our true power, and release the victim identity and its struggles for good!

And so, how do you move from a place of victimization, of learning who you were in the context of often untenable circumstances, to viewing yourself as empowered Creators?

How do you move from relating mainly to the physical world around you, to realizing it is all a mirage?

Outer images that can fade or transform in an instant, with a transmutation of those energetic forms that first drew those images out of the quantum field?

For humanity now, this is a conundrum!

Since the fall to the third dimension, you have never seen yourselves as the magicians of the higher realms that you are when out of an Earth body, returned to etheric form.

Yet those properties remain within you, and call to you now, asking that you remember!

Remember the elements of this Universe, which combined with your own inner mastery, can create or transform worlds . . . “

Lord Saint Germain reminds us of another simple yet powerful Violet Flame process — and this one heals and uplifts the whole Earth!

Sending much Love, 

P S These are trying times. The higher Light pouring in with each solar flare and coronal mass ejection is bringing up much unresolved pain and making stuck energy patterns even more difficult to handle.

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