26th August 2022. Mike Quinsey.

26th August 2022. Mike Quinsey.

When you may have thought matters were settling down, they have taken a turn for the worse. The problems seem endless as Mankind experiences changes that they never anticipated or expected. Yet they are necessary to bring about those that are needed to keep your feet upon a path that leads to the New Age. How far away it is depends upon you and your reactions to what is happening that is uprooting many things that you are familiar with and had no idea that they are unsuited for your future needs.

You are being forced to look at how you lead your lives and being encouraged to consider how they could be improved. Although that sounds a bit simplistic when society is under such pressures as at present and some just do not know which way to turn. Yet out of the precarious situation you are in, ways will be found to successfully overcome your problems. It clearly cannot happen overnight but with the will to overcome them, and help where possible from us we see you eventually creating the opportunities needed to successfully deal with them.

As all experiences are arranged for you every soul gains from them, yet even those who have not yet reached a level of understanding of the real purpose of life upon Earth that is really a school of learning. It is why we keep other entities who may interfere with your life away from you. They often visit your Earth out of curiosity and there is no intent to cause harm to you. We keep them away so that you are not distracted from your life plan that has been prepared specifically, so that you get the experiences you need to evolve. The average person would find it hard to believe that there is a plan as life seems to be the result of random occurrences. However, much is achieved by “fixing” events in your lives particularly where the outcome achieves positive results.

You can go wrong through personal choice but you will soon be back on track with our help. We want to see you achieve satisfactory results and that is what we strive for on your behalf. You often achieve them that are above expectations and we are delighted at your success. We can in effect reward you for them and you will find things going your way much more to your enjoyment. So it is not hard work all of the time and there are relaxing times so that you can enjoy a restful period. How are we able to be so successful you may ask, and the answer is that we can see the bigger picture and know what options you have even if you are unaware of them.

Civilisations come and go all of the time as experience calls for the need of change so that you can continue to evolve. As we have already informed you your present cycle is about to end but do not be alarmed, as it is normal progress on a solar level. It is all due to take place in the very near future which you are at present preparing for even if you are not necessarily aware of doing so. Life never stands still and is always on the move and with it comes changes that are beneficial for everyone. Solar cycles are perfectly normal and take place to give you needed experiences for your continued evolution.

In your present time there is obviously much pressure on everyone, as what you have considered the “norm” must change to allow a great step forward. It is necessary to allow those souls who are ready to take a quantum leap and settle in a new vibration that is more suited to their needs. As the final years pass by you will gain knowledge that will help you to clear any doubts about what lays ahead. The most acceptable fact is that you will no longer have to suffer the actions of the dark Ones, who will have been settled at a level consistent with their lower vibrations.

When you feel low, lift yourselves up by thinking positively of a bright future that awaits you and life where all is in a near state of perfection. In the higher vibrations it cannot be otherwise and you would find it hard to imagine the beauty and joy that exists at that level. So you have everything to look forward to and it is not too far away. Many of you will live to see it through, and those who have gone before you will be able to re-incarnate into that period of time.

Console yourselves by knowing that you have virtually done all of the hard work needed to keep you in the higher vibrations. You cannot really fail having come this far so do not allow yourselves to start flagging and keep positive all of the time. The dark Ones deceive you and try their worst to stop you learning the truth, as they know you will no longer fear their attempts to keep you in the dark, and see through their lies and distortions of the truth. They try to keep you down when you are great souls who are of the Light. So do not berate yourselves when you make mistakes as it is a human trait that you lose as you lift up your vibrations.

Tell yourself what a beautiful soul you are at heart and remember that you are an aspect of God. You can achieve anything you put your mind to if you have sufficient self-belief. You are wonderful souls having an experience away from the Godhead and doing very well by lifting yourselves up. Keep smiling and live in joy as a new life awaits everyone in the course of time.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.


In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.




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