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Hello  ~

I’m so happy to write and share a beautiful message I received this afternoon.

I’ve been quiet since the Lion’s Gate. Feeling no-thought, peaceful, and clearly in some kind of passage. A few days ago, I began to feel incredible joy. Today, I feel centered and clear and happy. Still no-thoughts, but that’s okay.

How are you? Reply and share if you feel like it. I’m always glad to hear from you.

Below is the message that came when I asked for an update.

With love,

new message channeled by Ailia Mira on August 18, 2022


Dearest Ones,

We greet you in love.

We are HERE for you.

We say this often. Lately.
We mean it. We are here for you!

Call upon us whenever you like. We are happy to connect.

The inner space within each of you now is being refined. The inner light is expanding and you’ve felt the brilliance of it, the intensity of it, which is quite different than you’ve known before. Let yourself heart soften and open now. We shall speak.

Light within you is accelerating now. And the patterning needed to shift into infinite time is being woven within your being. Within your awareness. This will then replicate in your physical form, naturally, on its own, once the patterning is laid down. You do not need to do anything. But staying relaxed, rested, hydrated…

Eating meals that are not too heavy and moving your body when it feels right can support you in this.

There is much to be done on the inner planes, but the vastness of being and the presence within you that is your eternalness, are creating the shifts now. Your role is to allow yourself to change, to be lifted. To be as soft as you can about your identity now, and about what you think is going to happen.

If possible, it would be nice to be open, and see what the day brings. Each day. And throughout the day. Be as if you’re aware that there is a history of expecting things to be the same, or a certain way, but you’ve let that go. If you can remember this choice of being open to what the day gives you, and also acknowledge that you’re open now, welcoming what comes, and what is available to you, this will give you peace.

Participate each day as if you sense that this Life might surprise you, that you know on some deep inner level, that more might be going on. That Life and your life, may open up more, at any time, anywhere, while anything is happening — and you’re up for it! You’re willing to flow freely and are open to what does occur. That would be useful.


Spending time just being, and enjoy stillness and resting and quiet. Notice your body, and how it feels. Make yourself comfortable.
Enjoy your body and give it all the things it loves.

Take pleasure in being physical. Allow yourself to rest deeply and relax. Enjoy your senses.

Celebrate the beauty, the tremendous abundance all around you. That is also helpful right now.

Loving yourself is something you’re getting very good at. More and more, you are kind to yourself! We are so pleased to see this. You also feel quite at peace, and calm. This is also wonderful to see. It is appropriate. And it helps your life to feel sweet and steady.

Do what calls to you. Create beauty, take in nature, your friends, your pets, your meals, your entertainment, your work, and enjoy your experience. We’re not saying too much about how all this is unfolding, on the inner planes, because thinking about it doesn’t help too much right now.

What does help? The things we’ve mentioned and we would say this, which we are aware is somewhat redundant, but still we’ll say it anyway: loving yourself with the most generous, and gentle and sweet care is a beautiful and aligned way to be with All That Is. That would be great right now. And also, wishing others well. Imagining that everything will transition and shift, gently, and as each of you are ready and open to this.

Know that you are right where you need to be to have the experience the Infinite wants to have. Your Greater Self who loves you very much, who is you, is guiding this experience now, your experience of this great unfolding. This shift to the return to Oneness, that is being initiated, in form, in your world and in your species, now. It is happening. It is unfolding beautifully and you are playing your part. And we thank you.

So send one another love. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Love yourself playfully, and with warmth. Wish the best for one another. Take no pleasure in anyone suffering, or in some kind of idea of judgement or justice. Drop any smidgen of smugness that you may be holding onto. What is happening is FOR EVERYONE. Know that everything is part of this glorious ONE that we are. And all souls know this and so deep within each and every human being is a brilliant eternal light shining forth. Even if it is somewhat, or you think, perhaps mostly being ignored, or even somewhat rebelled against. Or we might add the thought — distrusted. 

Imagine that? With compassion, consider it. Imagine, that beautiful clear true voice within you being ignored, or treated with mistrust. Imagine what you must experience life as if that was how you felt. Then send love to anyone in that experience. Be generous. Be kind. Be thankful.

Wish that all human beings might feel safe, have that glorious feeling of an inner awakening and know the ABUNDANT love that is here for them. That all Life on Earth might open inwardly to their own brilliant light.

We love you very much.

We are complete. I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light.


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