Messages from Ann & The Angels – 08/13/2022 • No pressure…


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

While we always advocate reaching for the best feeling you can find and being as positive as you can be, we understand that there are times when you just can’t find a positive thought. Sometimes you stumble into a well-practiced, deeply conditioned set of beliefs. Instead of possessing your own mind, you feel possessed by it. Take heart. There is a way out of those mental “spin-cycles.”

Start by being kind to yourself. Give yourself a hug. Talk sweetly to yourself. In our unconditional love, we would say to you at these times, “It’s OK that you’re angry. We love you. God loves you.” “It’s OK that you’re in deep grief. You love so much and want something so deeply. You’ll get there. You’ll learn to feel that connection with your loved one in time. Be easy on yourself.” “It’s OK that you’re jealous. You just want more and don’t understand you can have it yet.”

Dear ones, learn to soothe and accept yourself with unconditional love and kindness at those times when you just can’t find a way out of your own feelings. Self-acceptance is the way out. Love yourself where you are. Choose, choose to soothe yourself, and talk sweetly to yourself. Choose to give yourself a hug. Choose to wrap a blanket around you and take a nap. Choose to distract yourself with something healthy and kind. Then, as you begin to feel just a little better, or a little more neutral, reach for a slightly better thought, a slightly better feeling, and then again.

It won’t take long to spin upwards into a better vibration and even if you fall right back into those old feelings again, simply repeat the proces… again and again and again. In time new habits, new conditioning, and a new awareness that you need not stay stuck in bad feelingsdue to external circumstances will help you reach those better-feeling spaces more easily.

You are never being “tested” or “judged” by God or any of us in the heavens. You are being loved… always, forever, unconditionally, and without exception. Your loved ones in heaven know the challenge of being human and feel, therefore, understand you profoundly. The angels and the Divine see the purity of your soul, your courage for being on earth, and all the love you are reaching for. We feel you, and we love you.

All we teach and share is to support your joy, your happiness, your harmony, and your abundance. All we share is to help you find the space to receive what your heart desires. We are not trying to get you to measure up to any external standard, although so many of you have learned and integrated the notion that you must. In our eyes, you already “measure up.” We are not trying to keep you “out of trouble” with the Divine. The Divine is love beyond your imagination and sees you as nothing less. Instead, we live in this love. We want you to experience, enjoy, and share the truth of your beautiful soul while upon the earth. We want to help you learn to focus the energy that creates worlds and to allow your dreams to flow to you in grace.

Once you taste the beauty and grace of choosing love, there is no other option that satisfies.

This is why you feel good or bad. When you are vibrating at the frequency of love – which is your very essence, your most profound, and authentic nature – you feel good. When you don’t, to varying degrees, you feel don’t feel so good.

It is easy to blame the world of others for bad feelings. People do things that are so unthinkable they don’t deserve your focus. When you – either purposefully or accidentally – focus on unloving acts, it doesn’t feel good to you. It becomes your challenge to shift to a more loving focus. “Turning the other cheek,” as Jesus meant it, was not about turning the other cheek to be slapped again but rather about turning away. Turn away from the unloving behaviors. Turn away from the unloving words. Turn away from the problems, dear ones, and turn your heart towards love. Turn towards solutions. Turn towards the good in life. Of course, you cannot ignore the problems and challenges in front of you, but you did not come to remain focused on them. You knew you’d see them, desire better, and then use your will to focus on better as soon as possible because this is how you create a better world.

You see wars, and you want peace. Focus on peace, love, prayer, and joy in your own hearts and homes. Focus on the good people who are making love, not war – through their kindness, their prayers, their acts of charity and mercy, and their kindness to the children and elders. Focus on moments of pure, unadulterated, peaceful appreciation for anyone or anything. Then you will end the war between your mind and your soul, for your soul sees only love emerging. You will feel good when you look for love where love is easier to see. When you learn to see love anywhere, you’ll feel magnificent and free.

You see disease, and you want health. Focus on the feeling of vitality, what you look forward to doing when you feel better, and when the world feels better. Focus on the never-ending stream of well-being flowing to all of you all the time, waiting to correct any ills. Focus on the amazing intelligence in the body that is constantly informed by the Source. Focus on anything joyful and healthy and happy and then dear ones, you will experience greater health. Your soul sees only the stream of well-being capable of correcting any imbalance if left unblocked by fear, doubt, and denser vibrations. When you can acknowledge this, you feel better and better. When you see limitations, you don’t.

You see limitations, and you want freedom. Focus on the areas in life in which you are free. Focus on what you can do. Focus on the fact that the creator of worlds and your angels can assist you in finding some way to satisfy nearly any desire, if not in the immediate moment, then soon. Focus dear ones on the magnificence of the natural universe and its free-flowing evolution. Focus on your freedom to dream, to go anywhere, and do anything in your mind. As you tap into this freedom, to avenues for external freedom will be revealed. Your soul can never see you as held in limitation or bondage because it knows your power to create. When you feel this way, you feel good. When you see limitations, you don’t.

Dear ones, you are powerful beyond measure. The power of your focus is immense. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “If you have faith the size of a grain of mustard, you can move mountains.”

If you had total belief in the love that flows to you and through you, you’d revel in thoughts of peace, and then peace would flow into your life and emanate outward to those around you.

If you can enjoy the thought of being in a healthy body, or the feeling of anticipation as you dream about what you will do when you feel healthy and wonderful, then you have already begun to allow your own healing. If you can contemplate the miraculous way your cells connect to the power that creates worlds, and begin to feel even the intiest bit of relief you are already beginning to recalibrate your body to its natural state of harmony and health.

If you can focus on the delicious feeling of being free to create, your external world will reveal ways to become more externally free.

When you can’t find good feelings, be kind to yourselves. When you can’t find the positive, then love yourself where you are.Sometimes you feel so hopeless that a good tantrum releases some pent-up energy. If you allow yourself a healthy, private rant, you may feel better. Sometimes feeling a little better isn’t a feeling great just yet, but it is a little better. Allow yourself the evolution into love. Allow yourself to love yourself where you are, and then look for the next best feeling. Be kind to yourself. Accept yourself. That is love. That is a better feeling.

You are never judged. You are always loved. You are always supported in even the slightest bit of a loving vibration that you emanate. We are always here, laboring in love to assist you, heal you, help you, and love you in all the ways that you desire. Your attunment to love, little by little, is what lets it all in. In your willingness to simply accept yourself where you are, you allow love in. As you reach for even kinder feelings, you allow more love to flow into your lives.

Be kind to yourselves. Be accepting of yourself, no matter how you feel. Choose to love yourself even when you can’t find a positive thought, and then reach for ones that feel a little better, one bit at a time. You are always, and eternally, unconditionally loved.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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