A Message to Lightworkers – August 12, 2022  🌟


Greetings, Beautiful Being!

As always, I send you many blessings of Peace and well-being in these pre-NESARA times.

Wanted to say, the video below from the Collective offers a list for those times when you’re feeling the things that are hard in life are overrunning what’s fun and joyful:

Increasing the Flow of Good Things

This week’s Message is an excerpt from the Collective’s book, New Earth Journeys. They’re answering a Light Bringer’s question about resistance to dark agendas.

It reminds us that though we are amazed at how intense it is to be on Earth now — still, no one could stop us from being here:

“You chose this time to take on the Ascension path. To evolve your consciousness to where you can see and speak with Light Beings and extraterrestrial friends, guides, and family members as easily as you would a next door neighbor.

And to heal yourself, and in so doing, to assist in the healing of others, and your planet.

All of that sounds to be a big enough challenge. And then, thishappens! [The plandemic, or any other personal or global crisis.]

Certainly you could have stayed behind in the higher realms and still assisted humanity wherever possible at this time of unparalleled challenge in human life.

As you say, Why come in now, simply to resist the dark side’s plans, and openly oppose them?

Some forms of resistance have merit, of course. To speak one’s truth, to stand in protection of others, and in protection of Life itself, is a powerful way of the Light Warrior . . . 

Know that if you do speak out against what is being hoisted onto Earth’s population at present, this is not a lost effort. Your inner passion and refusal to support what is happening now is a powerful stand.

You speak in favor of all persons awakening and shaking off the shackles of many, many Earth lives in which humans have been threatened and forced into obedience of the old power structure.

Yet as valiant as all that resistance sounds, we agree that to fight what is happening is not enough.

And so for a moment, let us leave Earth. Let us visit a ship, cloaked and residing quietly above the planet.

Stand with us now, and look out the large window that shows you one side of Earth in Her nighttime beauty.

From this particular viewpoint, you do not see struggle, though you most assuredly sense it. Yet you do not fall prey to the depths of intense emotion. You are not in reaction.

You stand as an advanced being, as an Earth human might call you, feeling a great Love for Mother Earth, without the desperation so many of Her inhabitants feel at present.

For you are also able to see the magnificence of this moment. In fact, as they say, you would not have missed it for anything . . . “

The message offers a higher view of what we see happening around us now, encouraging us not to get stuck in mere appearances. It speaks to the holographic image that is all around us, appearing as physical, which we spoke about on the Abundance Call Wednesday night, using a process to get past feeling stuck and helpless.

It’s easy to react to outer circumstances and feel our power is lost at times, because of that.

Yet it’s always there, waiting to be claimed. Call it back to you now, friend! 

Sending much Love & Light, 


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