Welcome to Brand-New Selacia Website & Branding

Welcome to My New Website & Branding
Join Me On a Brand-New Adventure!
I invite you to check out my new website – reflecting an 180 degree alteration I’ve made in my approach, how I brand my services, and how I can serve you!
As I wrote recently in “Empress Needs New Clothes,” I’ve been in a revolutionary metamorphosis that led to changes I’ve made. My inner deep dive transformation process led to this shift in how I express my authentic self.
These times of mega change require that we go to a deeper place within ourselves, ask deeper questions, and continually evolve into higher versions of ourselves. This is my personal mandate as a Divine Changemaker. Are you ready to make it your mandate and join me?
Thank you for your support to date, and being an integral part of my path and teachings!
What’s Coming
You will have your first taste of my new types of offerings August 13 at the Aquarius Full Moon Gateway Zoom Meditation!
The focus:
1) Help you navigate the intensity and emotional turmoil catalyzed during this energy gateway.
2) Receive healing and clarity about your life.
3) Participate in a powerful planetary healing to transform our world.
Many more changes are in the works too!
My goal is to provide you with tools and insights that support you on both a spiritual level and in practical in-the-world manifestation of your soul’s purpose.
May love and success be yours,
* All Rights Reserved *
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Full Moon Global Meditation
-Held in the window of Aquarius Full Moon of August 11-12
-Energize opportunities to progress spiritually
-Be supported during intensity, emotional turmoil, and uncertainty
-Receive insights about challenging relationships
-Benefit from new clarity about your personal life path
-Join with others across the world via zoom
-Participate in a powerful planetary healing to transform our world
Divine Changemakers
Upcoming 2022 Course – September 18th – October 22nd
This is the next new annual 4-week live Divine Changemakers Course offered by Selacia – designed to be timely and relevant to these unprecedented moments of planetary change.
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