New Video + Sunday Q&A ūüĆü


Greetings, Brilliant Being!

A quick note to say¬†there’s a new¬†Quick Energy Lift video available.

This one is a message I received from the Golden Unicorns of the 10th Ray.

They spoke this¬†very affirming, uplifting mandate as I¬†was listening to Jennifer Ruth Russell’s¬†Morning Light¬†Meditation, “Recession Faith Builder.”

It speaks to our moments of fear, worry, and doubt, and it hit me straight in the high heart . . . 

Stand Tall, Light Warrior – Claim Your Power!

And also — Last Chance!

8-8 Lion’s Gate
Live Q&A with the Collective

Sunday, August 7, 2022
1:00 PM Pacific / 4:00 PM Eastern (US & Canada)

(Monday Call is Full)


The Transformative¬†8-8 Lion’s Gate energies¬†make now¬†the perfect time¬†to ask one question in a small group channeling session,¬†and receive a channeled answer from the Collective and your Spirit team.

Ask a question about whatever is hardest for you now — it might be about:

– Relationships
– Work
– Finances
– Your path of growth
РYour soul mission
– Releasing old stuck energy patterns
– Increasing self-Love

Some Wisdom and energy work from the higher realms can assist powerfully.

You’ll also benefit from the answers and energies offered the others on the Call (no more than 7 participants on any one Call).

Afterwards, you’ll receive the MP3 recording, which will hold all the supportive¬†energies of the live Call.

Go here for more info or to sign up —¬†

Much Love & Light, 

P S ¬†The cost of asking a question on the Live Q&A Zoom¬†Call is lower than the cost of a “Just One Question” channeling.¬†

Last chance to sign up! The registration deadline is tonight (Saturday, August 6) at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

See you there!


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