Powerful Lion’s Gate Energies Lift Humanity to New Heights

Hello Beautiful Being of Light,

It feels like everything we came here for is ripening!
August is a HUGE month for humanity and for us to open to our own vaster consciousness and allow ourselves to be supported, loved, guided and reassured from within.

You likely know this, but the astrological alignments are activating our SOULS HIGHEST DESTINY. And the Lion’s Gate on 8-8, brings an alignment with Sirius and the energies of the Great Central Sun that feels like a bigger deal this year than ever before.

My daily prayer now is:

Open me to the highest potential. I am ready.
Let me receive all the help, all the assistance, all the guidance and support.
Let me release whatever is in the way, or no longer serves me.

I am open to what wants to come through and what is for my highest evolution.

And then I hydrate, focus on what I love and pay attention with love and devotion, to my body. Which is working overtime these days, integrating the energy and information we are receiving! Stretch. Rest. Eat well. Limit stimulus and make time if possible to be outdoors.

Sunday, we’ll gather for a

We hope you’ll join us.

I’ve set up different levels of registration and scholarships.

All are welcome. Join us, if you wish.

Note: The event will be recorded and available later the same day, to stream as an audio experience. So you can join live, or listen later — whatever works best for you.

If there is anything you feel you need, or want, ask for it. Then make time to be open to receive.

Life is abundant, and

Soak that up. Let yourself feel the well-being that is everywhere!

These are amazing times to be alive.
I am so thankful to be here and to share this with you!

Enjoy the new message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light, below, and please join us on Sunday for the Lion’s Gate Event and receive the empowering, supportive and activating transmissions from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light!

With love,


Channeled by Ailia Mira ~ August 2, 2022


Hello, Divine Ones,

We greet you in love.

We open up to this accelerating field that is your experience, for your world and your energy and expanding and accelerating.

The Lion’s Gate alignment, on 8/8 and this month of August together empower vast new potentials for humanity. You can feel this, we know. For the energy is already streaming into your world and affecting you, your bodies, and awareness, and with this, your emotions and your physical body are experiencing (and you feel through these modalities), the integration of this energy.

Humanity has been building to this time for a long while. For all of your lives and more. And yet you may have come to this more recently. Some are coming to it just now. Or next week, or tonight. Tomorrow.

Each human being is having the experience that their soul chooses for them, for the experience, it wishes to have on the ascending planet at this time. Each of you is participating perfectly. Realize that ideas of right and wrong only exist in your realm. In the realm in which we are focused, we see only expression. You’ve learned to view your expression and the expression of others through the lens of morality, or duality. In truth, there is only expression and experience. All of which creates expansion. All of which fuel creativity and can initiate, trigger, remembering.

Those who behave in ways you do not like make you keenly aware of what you do like, or love, what you value, what you care about, and what’s important to you, heightening your sense of how you wish to live. Do you embrace this clarity and align with the way you wish to know life? Do you take what you notice and do not like and use it to focus on what you do want to know, experience, create or share? We suggest this response to encountering things that are not in sync with you.

Be creative! Use what you perceive and care about, what you notice and learn, to create a life you love even more, and to expand the beauty of this world — from your perspective. Each of you has brought to this game, certain orientations. You notice certain things. You live in certain places. You study and understand certain areas of life. You have affinity with some aspects of experience and absolutely no interest in others. All of these choices in focus allow you to participate in an elevating world in your unique way. And all of you have in your focus, insights, and awareness that if used creatively can exalt this world and your relationship to it.

Bless your preferences. Respect and honor the preferences of others.

Let yourself be who you truly are. Trust Life Itself to wake up each of its expressions. And when they do awaken, be there to welcome them, let them share and express their own experiences.

Life wants to expand and elevate, to return to Its DIVINE KNOWING. In all forms, energy that emanates from All That Is, is moving into higher expression, as it can. Sometimes the form needs to be changed, transformed, dissolved even, and replaced. What you are here for is the shifting upward in frequency of your consciousness, the reunion with your continuity of consciousness, and from that Greater Unity, participation in the building and imagining and experiencing and creating of a New World. Do you understand this? Do you feel and see how important your perspective is? How vital and significant each of you is?

When we tell you that you alone have your perspective, we mean this quite literally. Yes, you do share certain experiences with others. And this helps you to feel connected and to come together. You and some other people share lots of resonance, cosmically, energetically, and these people are your pod, your tribe, the community or communities, that you resonate with and will find joy and camaraderie with…so they matter. But everyone else matters too.

All the people you do not sync up with, are so helpful to you. They help you to know keenly what you are all about, what is genuine for you, what your domains in life are, what you care about, and what is calling to you now. They help you to know what is yours. By expressing differently than you, they give you experiences that help you to FEEL who you are. This is imperative. For it is in the fierceness of your knowing and the tremendous joy of being centered in your truth that you can allow and receive the expanded inspiration of All That You are, which has all the resources you need to live, flow and be the radiant light that you eternally are, here.

The New World is one founded in Divine Expression — each person knowing the Unity of Life Itself and their value and significance, as One with Life Itself. Divine Expression is a way of being that is free flowing, fully resourced, and a vehicle for the Divine Plan and Divine Order. The future of Life on Earth and for humanity is heart-centered, open, inclusive, and authentic. This is the way forward. It is you, knowing who you truly are, feeling love, safe, and willing to express yourself. More than willing, we see you inviting more and more energy to flow through you, as you and you, are a willing conduit of that energy. Willing to create the forms and to express that energy as ONLY YOU CAN!

This is how Earth, your world, moves into a fuller and more expansive harmony, we know your world and you, as radiant and exquisitely beautiful. The Living Library is the way the Pleiadians have described Earth and the time is upon you now, for each of you to open up your multidimensional lineage and allow your presence on Earth to function as a WHOLENESS. An inter-dimensional bridge to all that you are, across all dimensions in time-space. Your continuity of consciousness, embodied here, as you.

You, using your FOCUS to draw into your embodied awareness, the energy and knowing that you summon by choosing how you wish to create, what you wish to center in and contemplate, learn, and draw forth. Each of you has access to vast fields of knowing. As aspects of the Infinite, you have access to Infinite Intelligence, and this inner knowing is also enriched by your wholeness; all that you are and all that you are expressing as, in so many different ways throughout Creation.

Now imagine this: a group of awakened ascended humans comes together. Each is a multidimensional, radiant constellation of focus, interest, experience, and intelligence. Conversing and collaborating. Enriching your lives and your world. This can be done on the inner planes, in the world over a cup of coffee or while taking a walk, or simply through your work being made, expressed, shared, and then interacted with…this multidimensional new world creative renaissance will come about in so many different ways. There are many dreams you’ve had but never thought possible. Maybe they’re about to become very plausible and feel like the natural next step. Dare to be wildly open and to step beyond old patterns of limitation which held you back. Sometimes you know things long before they’re active and real. And then factor in, too, the intelligence and awareness of the fairies, the plants, the oceans, the dolphins, the beings who live on the inner planes of the 5th-dimensional world, who you will then have access to consciously…

We tell you beloveds, the opportunities for collaboration and expansive infusions of intelligence, beauty, and light are opening up for you. See for yourself. Go inward and call forth your beauty and wholeness. Dare to invite aspects within your Unity to inform and inspire your life. Spend more time in silence and with your awareness open to receive the gifts of consciousness that come from your continuity of consciousness and from Life Itself. Learn to connect with and communicate with your own Divine Self. Find ways of being in openness and asking for what you want, that feel fun, joyful, natural, and easy for you. Each of you is fully supported and as one of you mentioned recently, you are, “WELL EQUIPPED & READY TO ROCK AND ROLL.” YES!!!

THIS is what is in front of you. This is the expression you came here for. You are awakening to it and we are reflecting back to you, the potential that is coming online for you now.

LASTLY: Each of you will open up to these new ways of being as you do.

Each of you is opening in the perfect time, for YOUR SOUL to have the experience it knows will serve you, in your collective wholeness, most. Trust in your Divine Self. Align with All That You Are, and surrender your personality-based will to the higher will of your Universal Self. Let yourself begin to align and create and receive and express from a much more expansive and elevated identity.

These are the possibilities that are coming online for humanity now.

We see this and we are filled with joy! We love you very much.

We are the Council of Radiant Light.


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happy august

👉 Lion’s Gate Event this Sunday, August 7 at 2:30 pm pacific time. Details here.

👉 The Expect Wonderful Facebook Community page is a great social media space if you’d like some bite sized inspiration, reminders and encouragement to align with the emerging NEW WORLD and be who you truly are. 

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