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What’s Happening, Clearing Energy, Upcoming Classes, and more

I haven’t written a separate post for a while because there is so much information given during the channels and the ULB channels. If you haven’t listened to the Universal Light Beings, I encourage you to do so.  They are different from the Goddess and they speak about Ascension from a different perspective.

The Goddess and her meditations have always been about each person experiencing for themselves, what is happening as they make their own choices.  The ULBs are about discussions and talking about what is happening from a universal perspective or a cosmic perspective.

Over and over in my channels both with people and from these sources they talk about energy, your focus, the transformations and all that is changing.  For those who are sensitive, you can probably feel the difference immediately!! I worked with someone recently and we cleared the energy of her town.  It was mostly where she lived, but she then had a tool that could use to clear other areas and after a few days she could tell a difference from what it had been.

Upcoming Universal Light Beings

I have a channel coming up with the ULBs this
Wednesday, August 3rd. 

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I recently channeled Albayon to speak about the medbeds on his ship. He spoke about being physical, about what happens when you go to his ship, he gave you a meditation, and more. I have found this to be a super cool meditation!!


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