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“New Direction, Old Skill” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestryCreations.com.

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Dear Ones,

Your rightness is now the rightness of one.

This rightness of one concept means no one will emulate you because their worldview is different than yours. Perhaps this concept is confusing because your earth lives have always been about following someone or something. So you feel isolated – physically, emotionally, even intellectually.

You know you are right, but no one seems to care. So you ponder your next move or thought in terms of what was instead of what is.

That others are no longer interested in replicating your thoughts or actions indicates that the new earth has arrived. Another indicator is the unrest and discomfort of your world leaders. You want to follow their thoughts and actions, for they were “right” in your 3D life, but not entirely or even partially so now that you are beyond 3D.

There is no one for you to emulate other than yourself.

Even though some wish to be someone they are not – to continue to be of 3D – their numbers are dwindling daily. What was is no more.

You were once part of various groups. You knew what they needed, and you felt comfortable enough with those needs to acquiesce. Those same groups hold little interest now because you no longer feel the need to fulfill their needs – yet, you do not understand your own needs.

Everything and everyone seems flat and lifeless, including you.

You are formulating a new being – shifting within and without. Even so, your physical appearance is not changing at the same rate as your inner being.

You look the same to a 3D being; you merely act differently. But to the awakened, your being feels and looks different. Your aura has shifted. Because of that shift, your frequency is no longer similar to those you once felt comfortable with.

This is a void relationship time because your new frequency has altered your physical life. Such was a requirement of accepting your new you being.

You are no longer who you were. Much as would be true in 3D if you left a small, isolated community in your teens only to return a wealthy world leader decades later. You would perhaps communicate with those you held in your heart throughout your absence, but those connections would be strained because of the differing lifestyles. Multiple that concept 100 fold to understand how different you now are.

You speak and think differently than was once true – your former friends are interested in orange, and you only understand green. Even though you once felt magnetized to those persons or groups, there seems to be no attachment now. They just are. There is no dept to them – as if they are paper cutouts. And they likely feel something similar about you.

Such is so for several reasons, not the least of which is that you have transitioned beyond your 3D being. You have also cleared the karmic ties that held you together – including discomfort or needs. Your 3D karmic interactons are no more.

You are creating connections for new reasons. Not necessarily karmic connections, but instead new you enhancement connections. So you find little interest in continuing relationships that have no meaning beyond what they used to be.

You feel you are ready for the new – but perhaps the new is not yet ready for you. A bit like taking time to heal after ending a romantic relationship.

Within a few days or weeks, you will discover new connections to fill the hole that now seems to be within your being. Your isolation phase is nearly over.

Perhaps you believe your isolation will never end because of disease, political unrest, or economic factors. Disjointed pieces that are only important if you think they are.

Once this isolation phase is complete, the sun will shine again, and laughter and love will be your mode of operation. Allow yourself to know that with every fiber of your being.

In just a few weeks, this time, even the past few months, will be forgotten as you find your new you groove, friends, and interactions.

What you feel now is not your life any more than it is true that rainy days last forever. This is merely a new you rest period allowing you to let go of what is no longer part of your being. You will fill your current emotional needs with new beings and activities. So be it. Amen.

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