Messages from Ann & the Angels – 07/16/2022 • You are SO Loved


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We say this every week. We love you so very much. These are not idle words. They come with a vibration of love from the heavens, of unconditional acceptance, and of seeing your beautiful soul’s perfection.

We love you. Can you take a moment, breathe, and receive this love? Can you fathom that you are so loved that no matter what you do or don’t do, say or don’t say; no matter how you “succeed” or “fail” we love you. We love you in your proudest moments, and we love you in your darkest hour. We love you. Don’t just read those words, dear ones, take them in. Breathe them in. Receive our love.

You spend your entire life looking for a love you already have. Every desire is a desire to feel love in some form. When you desire a friend or a lover you desire love. When you desire a bigger (or smaller) home, you desire to feel love. When you want a good meal you desire love and when you wish to travel the world you want to experience love. When you want to fill your bank account you want to feel love in the form of security, and when you want to give you want to feel love in the form of it flowing through you.

Dear ones, everything you desire, everything you do, and everything you reach for is an attempt to feel more love.

You want to feel the love you already have.

We encourage all your loving desires. We encourage reaching for love in all forms and the expression of love. You want to expand your capacity to see love, be love, experience love, express love, and share love. You wanted to keep seeking, finding, and creating love in new ways upon your planet earth. It is your reason for coming to a place of such immense contrast.

You knew that in the contrast you would be intensely inspired to keep reaching for more love and to keep creating new ways to love one another. You knew you’d be inspired to love the animals, and the earth, and to find ever-new ways to express and share this love. Whether you have invented a new coffee maker, created a new recipe, assisted a person in balancing their books, connecting via technology, or in cleaning their home, you have helped to expand humanity’s experience of love.

We love that you are reaching for love!

The thing we encourage you to pay attention to, however, is those moments when you don’t feel loved… because you are.

We encourage you to pay attention to those moments where you choose not to love yourselves because you are always worthy of love.

We encourage you to stop criticizing yourselves, belittling one another, and telling stories about how you are not loved… because you are all, always, loved.

  • You may have endured horrendous hardship, but still, you are loved.
  • Other beings lost in misunderstanding may have treated you terribly but still, you are loved.
  • You may have made a thousand “mistakes” as you call them and still, you are loved.
  • You may have been hurt or hurtful and still, you are loved.
  • You may have been generous or greedy, abundant, or impoverished, and still, dear ones, always, you are loved.

So while you seek love in the external forms, sit, breathe, and receive our love. We say this so often you often read over it, but in truth, if you could make it a habit every time you feel a fear to sit, breathe, receive, and focus on the thought, ” “I am loved by the heavens. I am open to receiving this love right now.” Then let go. Accept what you feel. Allow us to work with you. In time dear ones the fears would dissolve.

If every time you were upset with someone and didn’t know how to proceed, you would simply put the battle aside and sit, breathe, and receive, while focusing on the thought, “I am loved by the heavens. I am open to receiving this love right now.” then the battles would seem so much less important, the ideas for harmonious solutions would come and you would soon prefer feeling peaceful to feeling angry.


If every time you didn’t know how to pay a bill, create the relationship you want, or face any challenge in your life you would sit, breathe, and receive while focusing on the thought, “I am loved by the heavens. I am open to receiving this love right now.” then dear ones you would give us a chance to help attune your energy field to the outcomes you desire.

We love you. The Divine loves you. There never was, is, or will be any condition placed upon our love. You do not earn our love. We give it freely because it feels exquisite to love you. You do not have to bargain for our love. You do not have to prove your goodness to receive our love. We know it more strongly than you do.

Dear ones, we love you. Breathe. Receive that now. Your world is in a very turbulent state and many of you are finding that the tiniest personal fear can plug you into a vast broadcast of fear. The tiniest personal upset can easily spiral into that current global vibration of impatience and frustration. The tiniest anxiety can easily feel out of proportion because the frequency of anxiety is running high among many on your planet now.

However, the frequency of love is strong, powerful, and constant, and the moment you tune into love in any way you can – be it your own love and appreciation, or simply loving yourselves enough to sit, breathe, and receive our love, then you will be elevated into new levels of love. The world has prayed for this and the heavens are pouring it upon you.

Next time you feel unloved in any way – fearful, anxious, angry, confused, or just down and tired – sit, breathe, and receive our love. Tell yourself as you do so, “I am loved by the heavens. I am open to receiving this love right now.”

That simple intention and action will open you to an entirely new relationship with spirit – one that we desire as well. In every moment, we love you and want to soothe you, help you, heal you, guide you, inspire you, and delight you, as surely as you would want to do the same for someone you are deeply in love with as well.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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