Incoming: Rays from the Great Central Sun


Attunement to Infinite Time
~ Ascension Update, July 9, 2022

Hello Beautiful ~

Some very intense waves of energy are emanating into and arising from our planetary field today.

I’m told these are templates of light traveling as gamma rays, coming from the Great Central Sun. This energy is stepped down by atmospheric particles before being absorbed by our sun and then transmitted into our world. These emanating transmissions are part of the incoming energy that will continue to build to the Lion’s Gate.

Receiving these, today, I experienced a spontaneous emotional release with no thoughts attached and no visible trigger. Afterwards, I was having experiences of simultaneity, in which I was seeing parts of my life that played out over time in the past, but which were being shown to me in the present, as a whole arc. I had a session with a client this morning and we had discussed the Buddhist Bon theory of the originating energy of a relationship. So this idea came up several times today, of the whole being contained at the start, and how we get glimpses of infinite time.

I was experiencing the wholeness of those parts of my life. So not a single aspect of it but seeing the richness of the whole thing all at once. There was a whole series of things that kept playing out in my awareness where I was seeing the whole of different aspects or parts of my experience, all at once. I don’t know if that makes sense or not it’s a little hard to explain.

As a reminder: part of what’s happening with Ascension is we’re moving into fifth dimensional time-space… And out of 3D/4D linearity…

The experience I had was not abiding, the sense of more expansive translation of time-space didn’t last but it was much more sustained than previous moments when I’ve had glimpses of similar experiences recently. Things are definitely accelerating.

In order to utilize the benefit of these new energy potentials, Archangel Michael encourages us to open to receive and to welcome incoming energies, setting the intention that you receive them the perfect amounts for your conscious evolution and your divine embodiment. During my experience today, I articulated my willingness to be transformed in whatever way was available to me presently and asked for ease and grace as I integrate what I experienced.

Just sharing in case this is beneficial for anybody, or in case you’re experiencing intense waves of energy today, or emotional release, or other kinds of clearing or release. Or even a sense of expansion, or more energy — all of which are possible, I’m told.

Wild times!
Take great care of yourself, call upon your Greater Self, listen to your body. 

Much love,

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