Obsolete Patterns are Clearing


by Ailia Mira


Even though there is evidence in our world, of how completely living forms can change, it’s truly hard to imagine and fathom all that is happening within us through ascension. But we can often feel into what is happening, by orienting within and centering in the heart.

Be open to the possibility that you are being adapted to live in higher consciousness. That your body itself is evolving to accomodate higher frequency energy and consciousness. That the planet itself and all life here are mutating, evolving into next level expression.

Know, too, that your Spirit, the vastness of your being can guide you perfectly, flawlessly amidst all these changes. Take time to go within and cultivate a clear connection with Spirit, and if it feels right to you, express your willingness to be led from within and to participate willingly in all of this.

Many adjustments and adaptations must be made, in order for our vaster Self to channel more fully through our body, mind and emotions. Dysfunctional patterns need to be restructured. Energetic restructuring then opens up new possibilities for new perceptions of reality. Our job in all of this is to do what we can to support our bodies and maintain an attitude of openness.

For many beings at this time, numerous obsolete patterns or nonessential memories are being cleared. Making way to integrate even more of our multidimensional identity.

One indication that this might be happening is a feeling of unexplained sadness or grief, or even depression.
Even though these things no longer serve us — in fact, they may limit us and keep us tethered to the “old world and old ways of being,” — they were ours and they were familiar. It’s normal to feel a sense of loss. It’s normal to grieve the loss of the known.

It can be helpful to realize that is purposeful, as well as to honor any sadness. The change is creating more space within us to embody higher light and consciousness and freeing us up to have new, more clear and accurate perceptions of who we truly are, and of reality.

Participate willingly by noticing what you’re holding onto, or fear letting go of. Ask your Divine Self, for help to feel safe and trust, to know how to let go and flow with the changes. Remember, too, that Divine Will is operating here, and nothing is done without the permission and support of your own Divine nature.

If you’re reading this and resonating, you’re likely part of the planetary transition team, a Light-worker, or a way-shower. If you haven’t already, now is a wonderful moment to consider shifting how you evaluate your experience. How you decide what’s real and important. You can shift this from outer criteria such as normative values, ideals and experience, to inner criteria — such as intuition and an expanded awareness of subtle energies. Experiment with this. See if it serves you.

We suggest you always trust and follow your own inner knowing.

Ascension involves a shift from what beliefs and past experience say is real, to what feelings and intuitions tell us is real and important. As you integrate and can embody more and more of your own higher light, your sense of clarity and truth will increasingly come from within, as a sense of knowing, informed by your innate connection with Spirit.

The Vaster Eternalness of Your Being, is Spirit-Led. The more you feel ready to align with and allow that vaster clarity to guide you, the more ease and grace you will feel. It can free you from “needing to figure things out,” and shift you into knowing what to do and when, where to be and when, and just letting the inner knowing guide your actions and choices.

Lastly? If you don’t know this already, realize that all that you are does not know how you are physically feeling or experiencing ascension energies and the speed or intensity of these changes. All that you are cannot tell how much of a toll it may be taking on you. If you feel unrested, or like you wake up tired. If the energy you’re receiving and feeling is creating pain or hard to manage, ask for less. Or ask for a break. Many angelic beings are “working” multidimensionally while they sleep. Maybe you need a night off? Or more? Ask for what you need. Let All that you are know that it’s too much. Communication and feedback is part of participating in this whole change-process.

The new world is here — emerging and arising.

You can center there, from within and be part of that energy and expression, taking hold and expanding.

Remember your Oneness with everything! A simultaneous experience of this Oneness and our uniqueness, is where we’re headed.

We and the planetary field are One. Live your vision of that Oneness!

With love,

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