I’m speaking at the 2022 Helping Parents Heal Conference – Livestream from Home!

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Helping Parents Heal

Learn About the Afterlife & How to Access
Your Children or Loved Ones in Spirit!

Livestream the
2022 Helping Parents Heal Conference

August 18 – 21, 2018
Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass

This is magnificent, sold-out event which is now available to all via Lifestream

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for details and registration.

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Helping Parents Heal is an amazing organization founded by Elizabeth Boisson. After losing two children and then making contact with them through medium Suzanne Wilson, she felt a deep passion to help other parents who have lost children connect, partner, and thrive alongside their dear ones in heaven. The organization helps grieving parent all over the world learn to live in connection with their children in spirit. Their work and their words help all who have suffered loss.

I’ve been to their conferences before and they’re amazing. Grief turns to belief as hundreds of people make contact with their loved ones in spirit. If you have lost anyone, and want to believe, or connect with them, this conference is amazing.

I personally have seen or spoken at other conferences with many of the other amazing speakers. They are powerhouse mediums who share experiences and tools, near-death experiencers whose stories will touch your heart, and parents who have deep, abiding relationships with their children in spirit.

On Saturday, August 20th, at 3:30 AZ/PT, I will be speaking about Touching Heaven – accessing expanded states of consciousness easily and naturally, tools I’ve taught for years to help you connect with angels and your loved ones so you can find some heaven here on earth and create a living partnership with those in spirit! I’ll be doing a gaze at the end to facilitate your connection.

If you get the livestream and can’t watch live… you have unlimited access to the replays for all speakers, including me


Early Bird Pricing for the livestream ends August 1st.
Click here for details and registration.


The actual live event is sold out, but you can still register for the live stream here and have unlmited access.

Hope you can join in and experience the benefits of some amazing souls who truly touch and live with heaven on a daily basis!

With love and joy,


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