8th July 2022. Mike Quinsey.


8th July 2022. Mike Quinsey.


So much is still happening as that which was hidden is being revealed, enabling you the opportunity to dispense with all that no longer serves your purpose. The changes must come if you are to commence setting up the basis of a new era. All that you need is available upon Earth, and here and there are the beginnings of a new way of life that is more suited to the higher vibrations that are coming into being. They are also necessary for you to keep your onwards progress so that you are ready to ascend.

Your journey through so many lives has prepared you for the New Age that is being set to commence very soon. You have earned the right to leave the lower energies behind as you head for a life that is free from the attention of the dark Ones. Those souls who have already left the Earth are waiting to join you when it will be a time of great celebrations. Understand that life on Earth has been controlled by the dark Ones for ages, and they have done everything in their power to keep you from learning about you true self and past history. You are far greater than you realise, and as a powerful being you have the ability to leave them behind for all time.
Ahead of you is a muddle that is slowly unfolding, as the Light continues to overcome the dark and reveal the truth of your experiences. You now have every opportunity to rise above the lower vibrations for once and all time, but you will need to exercise patience and control where your reactions are concerned. By being a beacon of light you will help bring more to Earth, and help your fellow strugglers to rise up into it. Few realise the situation they are in and battle on without knowing where they are going or why. Some are awakening and seek to know what life is about and where to find the answers. This is when you can point them in the right direction to continue evolving.
It is in the nature of a human being to want to help others, and at this time much is needed by those who flounder and know not who to turn to for help. Many feel persecuted for no reason not realising that you only experience that which you need to evolve. It is a hard concept to accept but you may inwardly sense a feeling of understanding if you fully consider what you have been through, and whether you have learned anything from it. We will remind you that nothing that is important to you happens by chance.
Be assured that when humanity wakes up to the purpose of life, there will be a great shift in consciousness that will help souls progress much more quickly. You have yet to experience the harmony and peace that will come to you once you have overcome the pull of the lower vibrations. Peace and love is what you seek and that is waiting for you in the near future. By nature you are all loving beings simply experiencing the lower vibrations that are a challenge to your ability to keep your feet upon the ground in all situations.
Due to various recent happenings that have caused chaos on Earth you have been forced to accept those dear souls who have been displaced. The result is that you are becoming more multi-national than ever before. People bring their own customs and religions with them and you learn first-hand all about them. Hitherto, you would be unlikely to know much about them, but what you do find is that their re-action to their troubles and strife is no different to anyone else’s. They are more like you than you suspected, and re-act the same way as you when you help is given. There are challenges in such situations that are intended to help bring you together.
We may ask a lot from you but realise that each and every soul comes into an incarnation that suits their needs to continue evolving. After all how can you evolve without experiencing the various life experiences that exist upon Earth. It is all carefully planned to ensure you continue on your upward path and expand your level of consciousness. It is why many souls who have gone before you are happy to give you a helping hand.
Be assured that whatever happens on Earth it can be used to give opportunities to some souls to continue their evolution. However, no force is used to get you onto your agreed path and many deviate from it, but normally find their way back with a little help. Some experience can be very hard but again we assure you that no soul is asked to take on more than they can cope with and as we always point out, help is always on hand if you ask for it.
Try to see life as a wonderful opportunity to grow and create a place for yourself in the higher dimensions. You are never alone even if you feel so and spirit are pleased to respond to your needs providing you ask them, although you will not always get exactly what you wish for but there will be a response.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.


In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.





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