There is only Love, therefore YOU are Love.

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We are rapidly approaching the moment for humanity’s collective awakening.  I know that we have already, and frequently, talked about the imminence of this most magnificent and wondrous event.  This is because it is essential to keep you ready to respond instantly as it happens.  You all know that time is an aspect of the illusion, and is therefore illusory, unreal, and that there is only NOW.  So continue to expect it to occur very soon, NOW, and continue to set the intent to be always loving whatever may arise in your daily lives, knowing that you are making it happen.  That is why you are presently incarnate, you are massively assisting those who are deeply asleep to enter into and participate in your collective awakening process.  The awakening of the sleepers is crucial, because M/F/G wants no one left asleep and dreaming, and your power to assist in waking them is enormous.

Most of you have spent much of your human lives waiting – to be six, sixteen, twenty five, married, promoted – and you have been culturally encouraged to wait.  Therefore waiting for your awakening is not something the vast majority of you enjoy.  So don’t wait!  Enjoy this time, knowing that your awakening is absolutely inevitable, and that your joy when it happens will amaze you.  You are aware that many are suffering in response to the present state of worldwide political confusion and conflicts, health and illness issues, and relationship issues, and your task is to maintain and strengthen the constant and most powerful energy flow of Love that is enveloping the planet and embracing all sentient life forms in this and every moment. Your presence doing this – and it is a mighty task that you have set yourselves – is absolutely essential and you are fully bolstered in this in every moment by your support teams in the non physical realms.

The awakening is proceeding precisely as divinely intended, there can and will be no turning back or diversions.  All is flowing perfectly towards its inevitable and most magnificent preordained consummation – the awareness of your inseparable and joy-filled Oneness with M/F/G.  Release any doubts to which you may be clinging, fearful of letting go in case nothing happens, leaving your hopes devastated and you comfortless and suffering the most intense grief, because:

THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN!  Your collective awakening is divinely guaranteed, and M/F/G always delivers precisely as promised.

Your task, pre-planned and intentionally set in motion when you incarnated, is both simple – just being, and holding the intent to be only loving in every moment – and complex – all sentient life forms are involved – because only M/F/G could plan such an operation and bring it to fruition precisely as planned and intended.Therefore remind yourselves frequently during the day of your divine and unalterable nature as One with Source, and of the fact that you are presently in form to massively assist in the collective awakening, an awakening that requires and depends on your loving Presence and intent.

Life in form has always been a journey towards this moment of awakening, and although it seems that life in form has been ongoing for eons – billions of years, millions of life-times – it is but an instant since the journey commenced.  Its illusory nature has depended on time and its apparently endless nature, and as you pay more and more attention to the now moment the aspect of time will diminish and dissolve, ensuring that you awaken from the dream, and, in doing so, bring about your complete realization that separation never happened, and that you are still and always have been fully present in the Presence of your Source, M/F/G, LOVE, ever since the moment of your creation.

Therefore, allow yourselves to accept the knowledge that you are an eternally and infinitely beloved child of God, because deep within yourselves you do know this.  Let go of your completely invalid egoic negative self judgments – I am a sinner, I am unworthy, I am unlovable – nothing could be further from the truth.  Remember that your lives in form are illusory, unreal, and that therefore your sins, mistakes, unacceptable behaviors, or whatever concerns you and causes you to doubt the goodness and the love that you are never occurred – you just dreamt them – and will be gone when you awaken.

There is only Love, therefore YOU are Love.  Allow yourselves to stop hiding that knowledge from yourselves, and join with M/F/G in a total and eternal Embrace of the real you, where no ego exists to taunt or judge you.  There is no judgement.  There is no blame.  There is no condemnation.  There is no punishment.  You are in every moment One with and in the Presence of Love, which is your true and eternal nature.

Rejoice!  You have every right to do so because you and M/F/G are one Whole, constantly experiencing the beauty, magnificence and brilliance of YOURSELVES in glorious harmonious interactions with your divine and indescribably transcendent SELF that is One and All.

With so very much love, Saul.


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