Bridging Heaven & Remaking a World


Hi Beautiful ,

I am so happy to write to you and share two new channelings, and also invite you to join us for a new Conscious Evolution Program – Bridging the Eternal.

Yes. By all appearances the world is going to hell in a handbasket.
The old world is collapsing and the new world is being made, and it’s happening simultaneously. And yes — it’s A LOT.

I can tell you more than anything, taking time to close my eyes, lie down, or recline in a comfy chair and GO WITHIN, is what is saving me. It’s also feeding me and giving me strength, courage, and enthusiasm for BEING HERE NOW.

That, and channeling. Today I channeled several times and I feel filled with JOY. Even with everything going on. And that’s pretty great. So I encourage you to take more time to rest, to nourish your heart and spirit, to do whatever you need to honor your health and well-being and too, to choose what gives you joy and happiness!

For me, the inner strength to love and live in an evolving world come from plenty of rest, deep sleep, sweet moments, connection, faith, love and the joy of the ways of being that are most authentic.

It’s radical and courageous to choose joy and refuse to hate yourself, the world, other people and life when things like this are happening.

Lightworkers and way-showers — we came here for THIS. I am a walk-in and I know that THIS MOMENT, these times, are why I am here.

Okay. Rant over.
Now… Two new messages.

This one came Saturday, but I knew to send it out today, the 4th. The Galactic Dragons speaks to some of what we’re feeling and seeing and how we might know this from an expanded seat:


And as an invitation to the new Conscious Evolution Program – Bridging the Eternal, Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light lights up what is arising, emerging and offers opportunities to co-create and share:

Check it out. The channeled message kicking off the program gave me so much happiness. May it uplift you, too.

And if it calls to you, please join us.

With love for ALL THAT IS, and YOU,

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