Special Empowering Abundance Call – REPLAY   💜


Greetings, Great Light Bringer!

Last night we had another very special, Light-filled Abundance Call that offered real healing for areas of our world, and for our own lives and those of our loved ones.

We traveled through a portal in our Sun Sol to spend some time in a beautiful temple of healing and enlightenment.

We asked for Wisdom on one of more difficult issues, and to transmute the heaviness and shadows of those issues into pure Light.

The power of that journey translates to real change in our everyday lives. I was honored to channel the Collective’s beautiful energies and words, to facilitate this journey.

Go here and scroll down a bit till you see the replay of the Call. It contains the same energies and assistance as the live Call.

The Abundance Group Calls offer wonderful energy work to dissolve blockages between us and our naturally high level of Abundance, helping us transmute feelings of fear, stress, worry, and old trauma.

The Calls are free and open to all — we welcome subscribing Gold and Silver Members, and all wonderful members of our larger Ascension Times community. 

Please join us every 2nd and 4th Wednesday, starting at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern (US & Canada), for these energy-boosting, Light-filled Calls. 

I will be sending out the reminder emails about the Calls with the Zoom link to everyone now, due to the world situation, and the fact that NESARA approaches

We all benefit from the power of our group focus on Light and higher solutions, for ourselves and everyone. 

For more info on the Abundance Group and all it offers, just go here.

Sending much Love and higher Light to all,

Stonehenge in England – June 2


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