Messages from Ann & the Angels – 06/18/2022 • I prefer to feel good


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine a pure, clean, and clear stream. It flows ceaselessly, nourishing everything along its banks. Unobstructed it would be a mighty force, but its flow is blocked, directed, limited, or allowed by all that stands along its banks or in its way. The stream doesn’t judge any of this. It nourishes equally the trees that block or divert its flow as well as the ones that adapt to allow its natural flow.

You could say that the stream influences all of life around it, nourishing and supporting the ecosystem, and as well, all around influences the flow of the stream. The trees, rocks, and animals can block, direct, limit, or allow the flow, but they cannot stop it. The stream will push against boulders blocking its path, but if they won’t roll, it will go around them. If the stream runs against a dam, its flow may slow and seep underground or find a new path. The flow comes from a source that the life along the path can influence, direct, but not change. The source and the stream don’t quit no matter who or what is blocking, directing, limiting, or allowing. They continue to provide.

So too, there is an eternal stream of love that flows through all of creation. With your thoughts, words, and deeds you shape the flow. You direct it with your loving thoughts and desires. You block it, to a degree, with your doubt, disbelief, hate, and other lower emotions. You allow it to nourish your heart and your life when you have a moment of love or appreciation. You limit its ability to nourish you with the lower vibrations.

This Divine lovestream never quits. You can resist it to a degree until it begins to push against you with only loving intent. To the degree you allow love to flow to you and through you, you feel carried by the currents of Grace, supported by the Source, and guided. Your life flows. Miracles seem commonplace. All you need is brought directly to you, or the guidance is brought to your attention.

To the degree that you resist feeling love, you will feel increasing levels of discomfort and pain because love is always streaming. Resisting it takes increasing levels of effort. At first, you will feel mental or emotional discomfort, and then eventually physical pain. Resistance hurts. Allowing the stream of love feels amazing.

This, dear ones, is why we encourage you to find the most loving thought you can find in a given moment, and if you can’t find a loving one, find a soothing one. If you can’t feel good about life, feel good about a single sip of water, tea, or coffee. If you are in pain, find the parts of your life that aren’t painful and use your free will to focus there. Alternately, breathe, or sleep, or meditate, watch the clouds, watch happy videos, or read inspiring material. Admire a rock. Think of someone you love. Savor a snack. Do something to get yourself back into the endless stream of love. The scale of the topic you choose to focus on doesn’t matter. Finding something that feels like love does.

You experience the lovestream more and more, with every kinder thought, every loving thought, word, or deed for yourself or another. You experience the lovestream whenever you appreciate anyone or anything. You re-enter the lovestream after you get knocked out of it, when you choose to be kind to yourself.

Suppose, for example, someone or some news really upsets you. On the surface it would appear that someone or something has power over your feelings. It is understandable and human to feel this way. But deep down your upset stems from one thing and only one thing – you feel disconnected from the lovestream In the minute someone angers you you feel bad, not because of their actions but because you’ve disconnected from the lovestream In the minute you feel sad, understandably something triggered this feeling but what causes the sadness is being disconnected from the lovestream. If someone who behaves badly has more than you it might inspire jealousy but the bad feelings really come from being disconnected from the lovestream.

Consider these examples from a perspective of connection. Suppose you have worked to feel loving and happy and someone is unkind or some news is upsetting. You might have a temporary wobble but you’d remember how good it feels to feel loving and you’d return to praying for the situation, doing something, or walking away. When you feel sad, but are willing to comfort yourself, soothe yourself, and ask the universe or dear ones for the love you can’t find for yourself at that moment, then you’ll soon be feeling the gentle currents of the lovestream once again. Suppose you had that jealousy we mentioned in the previous paragraph. As you choose kinder thoughts – maybe ones of appreciation for what you do have, and ones of appreciation for the good person you are, you will re-enter the lovestream and be reminded that you too can manifest what you want while being in integrity with yourself.

In the lovestream, dear ones, you will experience the support, love, abundance, guidance, grace, ease, flow, and joy that you truly deserve. You get there one choice at a time, one better feeling thought at a time, one moment of a appreciation at a time. In the lovestream, you are a powerful influence on your world as well.

So how do you stop war? Stop fighting love and appreciation for the beautiful things in life. Surrender to the most loving thought you can. Seek out all the people doing good. Step into the lovestream. Let it flow to you and through you, allowing more love into your world which will help tip the balance away from the frequencies of hatred and war.

How do you create abundance? Stop fighting love. Stop focusing on lack and surrender to the truth – you are loved! The Divine wants to guide you to an abundant life. Appreciate all you can. Give thanks for what you do have and look forward to more. In that good feeling, you’ve stepped back into the lovestream.

How do you create health? Stop fighting love. Focus on the well-being that each cell in your body is working towards. Love your cells. Appreciate them. Appreciate all that is good in life and know you will be guided to take care of yourself in ways that are perfect for your body, mind, and soul.

Dear ones, if you really take a look at your own thoughts and feelings for even an hour you will easily detect when you feel love and when you feel less than love. When you don’t feel good, don’t settle. Choose a better thought, a kinder action, a new focus. You deserve to feel good, whether or not the external world is making it easy.

By choosing to feel better, just a little at a time, you step ever deeper into the currents of the mighty lovestream that will nourish, guide, and care for you. As you stop resisting love – by choosing things that feel better, little by little – you’ll feel the force of its flow ever more powerfully in your life until your life becomes as it was intended to be – kind, flowing, miraculous, abundant, and a joyful. You are all worthy of this love. Like the stream of water, there is no judgment, no withholding, only an unceasing offering of life-giving flow.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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