17th June 2022. Mike Quinsey.


17th June 2022. Mike Quinsey.

The necessary changes are being placed upon you to hasten progress towards a New Age. It is painful for many but unavoidable as so much of the old has to be discarded. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes mankind is to introduce all that is new and to be part of your evolution. Recovery from the past troubles is taking place but the new must now be introduced to enable a quantum leap forwards. There is much rebuilding necessary not just of your houses and buildings but also the necessary structures to prepare for new ways of living that are more beneficial to everyone. We say again that all people should have a roof over their head and sufficient food to live a healthy life, such progress must be planned well ahead. We know that many souls are with you who are well equipped to take on the challenges, and they have the foresight to see it through.

Understand that new technologies will enable you to progress much more quickly than you would otherwise have done. We will be on hand to ensure that all goes well and assist you without overriding your freewill. We have much to offer you and we will protect you to ensure your safety which we have done for a long, long time. In time we will be able to come freely amongst you and help in direct ways. We can speed up your evolution as you prepare for life in the higher vibrations. It will move you beyond the lower levels that have caused you so many problems in the past. Think positively of your future and it will attract levels of energy that will lift you up.

For the time being all around you souls are having their last experience of karma that is being cleared not to return again. Clearly some souls are so mired in negative energies they are unable to clear them, and will stay in them until they have the will and ability to deal with them. All souls go through these periods of trial and error, until they realise that the answers lay in their own hands. The turning point comes when they understand that it is within their own power to overcome their problems. All souls have an enormous potential to rise up but few are aware of it. Have faith in your own ability to do whatever you put your mind to as nothing is impossible.

We have often told you that what you focus upon becomes your reality, and you attract such energies to yourself. So if life is difficult for you it is either karma you have brought with you or attachments you have made in this lifetime. Think carefully when making decisions and consider the likely outcome where you are personally concerned. We will once more assure you that your Guides are always working with you to achieve the best outcome. Understand that when this life is over you will review it so that you understand why it worked out the way it did. So eventually you will get all of the answers that are usually involved in your life plan. You will almost certainly wish to know why events turned out the way they did, particularly if they were outside of your life plan.

Spiritually speaking your life is very much controlled only if to help you meet the challenges of carrying out your life plan, that is normally meant to give you experience that will help you evolve. However with freewill you are at liberty to follow your own plan but will face the consequences if it proves to be unhelpful. However, as we often mention you can always bring back missed opportunities to evolve for inclusion in another life. However, it is far better if you complete it in the lifetime it is intended to be in. As matters are arranged in advance for you, you are not normally aware that at times you are working to a life plan that you agreed before you incarnated.

Obviously if you miss out on events planned to help you evolve, they will come round again. You will realise now why visitors to Earth are not allowed to interfere with your progress. The systems used have been well tried and tested and are most ideal for humans. You see that much care and consideration is always given to the arrangements helping you evolve. We as more advanced souls are keen and eager for your success, and that is why we closely follow your lives. Some of you already know us well from previous lives and we are truly one great family of Light.

Some of you are sufficiently well advanced to have no further need of experience in the lower vibrations. You can safely say that you have learned your lessons well and have lifted up your vibrations. What a journey you have had with so many experiences that have helped your evolution. Many have reached the end of the long journey home and soon you will rise up into the higher vibrations. By maintaining them you are near to the end of that journey with a wealth of experience, that will see you well equipped for life in them. Your presence on Earth is helping others rise up who still need that little extra help to continue evolving.

You have been through Hell at times but to your credit you have never given up. You have sensed the help being given to you and it has kept you on your path. In these end times there will be great celebrations that so many of you will experience as you continue towards Ascension. We will still be with you and so pleased that you came through some severe testing at times. You have the experience now to help others also on their chosen path of evolution. Some will find you through being attracted to your auric emanations and you will be able to help them on their path.

In the future not far away a version of the Earth will become a beautiful Garden of Eden as it was intended to be. Understand that many versions of the Earth still exist and are evolving as separate entities. You are on the threshold of understanding much that has been kept from you until you are considered ready to learn of them.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.





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