Messages from Ann & the Angels – 06/11/2020 • Who can you trust…


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In your world today, so many of you have been shaken, upset, and saddened by the seemingly random acts of violence that have erupted in the hearts of the hurting hurtful.

How do you make sense of what seems like a senseless loss of life? How do you feel safe in an uncertain world? How can you trust that you’ll be safe, or your children will be safe? We hear your cries, dear ones. Much more importantly we see you striving not to fall into hate, hurt, and worse the desire to hurt back. We see you striving to love, striving to trust, and striving to live your lives in joy in spite of some of the really tough things you witness going on in your world.

So how do you trust you will be safe? Trust, dear ones, is not blind faith in the external world, nor a blind faith in another soul. Trust is, instead, a by-product of your own connection with the Divine.

In connection with this Love, you can trust your guidance. In a vibration of love, you can trust your feelings, for in the higher vibrations your feelings are your guidance. In a vibration of Love, you can rest assured that you are loved, protected, and guided in harmony and joy.

In a higher vibe, you can trust yourself.

We are not saying you should blindly trust or ruthlessly mistrust the external world. Conditions and individuals vary from moment to moment. Rather we are saying that if you choose to exist in a loving vibration, you can trust yourself. You will know, in any given moment, what and who is right for you and who and what are not.

In a loving vibration you can trust that when a path, an idea, or a person is loving it will feel right to you – inspired, good, or attractive… in that moment. In a high vibration, when you get a not-so-pleasant feeling you can trust your soul is steering you in other directions.

So, dear friends, when you feel the frustrations, the anger, the helplessness, and the sadness that so many are feeling right now,remind yourself, “I am in charge of my vibration and in a high vibration, I need not fear. I need not feel helpless. I need not stay stuck in anger. I am powerful and can intend, imagine, and be guided to live in harmony, grace, ease, and joy. I can become part of the change I wish to see.

When you see the seemingly senseless loss of life, remember that those who expanded beyond their physical forms are not feeling sad at all. These little angels that left your planet recently are celebrating their success. They are celebrating the fruition of their pre-birth plans to be part of a grand awakening, calling the human race to pay more attention to those who are hurting, to love the lost a little more, and to remember, that all, ultimately are innocent – birthed from the heart of God and striving always to return to that love.

Pray for their families dear ones because they are the ones that need your love. Their little angels in heaven are very much aware of both their pain and their paths. These families need your compassion now and your love. Even if you never meet a single one of them personally, your loving vibrations will touch their hearts. They too are part of an awakening.

Then, dear ones, resolve not to hate the lost, the lonely, and the hurting hurtful in this world. Rather pray that their souls be raised up into a greater love. If you see someone crying out for help through their behavior, ask God, “What do you need me to do?” You may get “nothing.” You may be guided to give them a smile. You may be guided to do more, but in every case, with love in your heart, you will be guided.

With love in your heart, you are not only safe dear friends, but you are part of a team of brilliant, light-filled souls on this planet, waking up the world through your light, your loving kindness, and your prayers. You are part of a massive group of souls realizing the need for all souls to be loved and cared for. It is time to stop the cycles of hating the hateful, hurting the hurtful, and instead time to empower and usher in a new era of love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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