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I just went into a local store where, for the third time, the lights in the store flickered — in obvious, intense, undeniable synchronicity with key moments, such as the end of key sentences, in our conversation.

In fact, TK has been happening so much that I have developed my own feelings of playful laughter around it, rather than terror. I’m being overwhelmed by sheer volume, and it’s really not a big deal anymore.

The most outrageous event with the flickering lights in the store was the first one. I started talking about the coming arrests, and got very animated as I laid out the entire scenario of “what is really happening.”

This included the key idea that we may have the lights go off for a little while, that it will be the greatest surprise in human history, that advanced technology will be given to us after we slay the dragon who guards the treasure, and that we really do not have very long to wait.

As I got more intense in describing the anticipated scenario you have heard me lay out so many times, the lights started fluctuating from 15 to 65 percent brightness. I ignored it and kept on going.

The woman I was speaking to became concerned after two minutes of very intense, poltergeist-like flickering as I was telling them all this. It was as if a child was playing with the dimmer switch to make us mad.

I just stayed in the performance, as I have now developed “Divine Indifference” around all things telekinetic, and kept on talking.

“Are you doing this,” she finally asked me, in genuine concern?

“Probably so,” I replied. “I’m doing magic now.”

I define the term “magic” as it appears in the Law of One in our last big cinematic documentary upload, not any other way in terms of what I am doing and how I am using it.

“Magic” simply refers to an alteration of your state of consciousness to help access the Creator.

Christians hopefully are doing this, whether they realize it or not. Prayer is one form of magic in Law of One terms, if by doing so your state of consciousness becomes more akin to meditation.

As soon as I said “I’m doing magic now,” the lights went from fluctuating constantly at 15 to 65 percent brightness, which she said had never happened before, and rocked back up to 100 percent.


They both followed my lead and laughed when this happened. I then was so freaked out I left immediately, and didn’t want to hang around to talk about it in the aftermath.

I actually waited nearly two weeks to go back and actually talk to her about what had happened in detail. That was yesterday.

And we had four or five more events where the lights were fluctuating in undeniable synchronicity with our conversation. It was incredible.

One of them was so obvious that I shouted to the manager, “DID YOU SEE THAT, BUDDY!” He nodded his head and said, “Ohhh, yeah!”

Within the same short conversation where this was happening, I was making them laugh almost uncontrollably with my new “Australian Monty Python” comedy character, Colin McGeiser.

Yesterday I determined the female has the main talent causing this TK effect. The lights directly shift with her thoughts. Her own energy only causes about a 10-15 percent brightness change, on average.

With Michael’s help, it fluctuated by up to a whopping 60-70 percent.

She was completely unaware that the lights were fluctuating perfectly with the pattern of her thoughts until I pointed it out to her yesterday. Part of the reason was that it was only about a 10-percent change.

You have to understand how strange it is to watch a woman talking, see lights getting brighter and darker in direct correspondence with her flow of ideas, and realize that she isn’t even aware of it.

So, this is just a window into what is now my “ordinary life,” which includes various TK experiences that perfectly synchronize with my internal or external dialogue.

Some of them happen in the videos. When I am cooking chicken wings as Colin McGeiser, I say something like “I’m terrified, lightning can strike at any moment,” and then it immediately does.

Or, at the beginning of Blackout at 8600, snow falls off the roof right as I am filming it and talking about the idea of snow falling off the roof. Then I joke about it and say no one will ever believe it was causal.

I have been told that the reason these abilities are appearing in me now is that everyone will now have a much easier time doing these things after the arrests. The physics is changing, and this effect is going to dramatically increase once we finish the job.

Believe it or not, the Depp trial has had a major effect on this physics change. As the trial proceeded along, the TK has obviously gotten much stronger and more frequent. Why is this?

Among many other interesting things going on, the Depp trial has created a very public, easy-to-understand depiction of what psychopaths are, and how to identify them.

The public perception is that Amber spent the last two years or more almost solely dedicated to destroying Johnny Depp in every way.

Why would someone do this? It usually is explained by mental illness, where severe trauma ultimately causes the brain to “turn off” the frontal lobes, where empathy is processed, to make pain easier to manage.

The problem is that you lose your humanity in the process. Psychopaths do not get better. They cannot get better.

The best you can hope for is that they will accept medication treatment, as certain drugs can make these behaviors less acute. That is the opinion of the psychological community.

More importantly, the entire existence of the psychopath has been very carefully and deliberately veiled by the media.

They do NOT want you to know who and what they are. Have you noticed that everyone involved in the DS has the exact same personality disorders? Many more of us are now seeing this.

Therefore, my dreams have now been showing me how the Depp trial has turned into a mass awakening event of unprecedented proportions, which segues directly into the arrests.

I hardly watched any of the trial at all. However, the jury decided in favor of the plaintiff. In the justice system, the opinion of a jury is considered to be a legally proven and binding matter of fact.

To automatically presume innocence, even in the face of provable facts to the contrary, is to create prejudice. And prejudice in any proceeding is a misprision of justice.

Amber was proven guilty in a court of law, with supporting evidence, of maliciously destroying the plaintiff’s career and reputation. She was fined a massive 8.3 million dollars by a jury of her peers.

The whole world watched her seemingly inventing new abuse claims in real time as she sat on the stand, only to repeatedly get smacked down with proof that she was lying. This is what I am reading.

With that being said, it is common for jurors to hear some version of “Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus.”

This roughly translates as, “After One False Lie, Everything’s a False Lie.”

This means that the standard guidelines of our legal system instruct jurors that if a person is caught lying about one thing, they are expected to assume that ALL — ‘Omnibus’ — of the testimony is a lie.

People who suffer from psychopathy use lying just like we use nouns, verbs and adjectives. They have no problem with it — except insofar as making sure they don’t get caught in the act. They despise exposure above all else.

They use DARVO — Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender — when anyone tries to expose any aspect of what they are doing.

The entire control system we now see enacting its madness upon the world is “Falsus in Omnibus,” i.e. Totally False, by virtue of the fact that every person alive is aware of at least one enormous lie they have told.

If you get caught lying about anything, no one will believe the words that come out of your mouth.

That’s the lesson of Amber Heard. The far bigger story here is how our headlines are now reflecting this same truth to the ordinary people, every single day.

The preponderance of evidence suggests Johnny did not physically abuse Amber, and the court legally certified this verdict — though the whole situation sounds like a total nightmare to me.

Benzos and other “pharmies” took an apocalyptic hit in this trial as well. Johnny beautifully and shockingly delineated how he became severely physically addicted to meds — worse than a junkie.

I have watched enough videos, including from plenty of independent citizen witnesses, to see that there is an almost complete dislike of Amber and support for Johnny, despite his seemingly outrageous behaviors and habits. I did not anticipate this. Nor did she!

As the world watched Amber attempt to paint Johnny as an evil, physically abusive monster, and as she was repeatedly caught in provable lies, the whole thing was, what? Metaphorical.

Metaphorical of what? The BIG PICTURE of what is really going on!

All along, and ever since the 1990s, Archangel Michael has been telling me that saving the Earth and moving into 4D involves each one of us going through a “holographic breakup with the Devil.”

This is actually very strongly literal, once you understand the Draco and realize that humanity’s collective nightmares do have one greatly misunderstood common denominator.

Anyway, I have been very busy cranking out videos on YouTube. I’ve done fourteen more since the last time I emailed you. Honestly, I’ve been too distracted to worry about details.

Some people think I am “Going Crazy” because of these two Colin McGeiser videos, which feature 35 minutes of straight comedy:

The Kompleat Colin McGeiser

Colin Takes Gehlie for a Walk in Hail

The comments on these videos have been wonderful. I do a variety of comedic impersonations and one woman said it was the single funniest thing she’s watched in the last two and a half years.

Colin is also based most heavily on Jacob, my top Australian insider who worked for you-know-who.

The reason this character is so alive, dynamic and believable is I spent well over a hundred hours laughing my head off as Jacob ignited my appetite for the truth.

In case you missed it, “Grand Piano on Four Dumb Legs” starts fairly slow and weak but then ramps up into twenty minutes of incredibly hilarious comedy, and was the first full-length stand-up routine I did:

A Grand Piano on Four Dumb Legs

I am also posting animal videos, and we have three main themes now going: Moose, Turkeys and Chipmunks — as well as many bit players.

Just last night, the chipmunks again started “paying” me for the food I am giving them. This is incredibly cute.

I got ‘paid’ with two beautiful pinecones, and then a chicken bone:

Chipmunks ‘Pay’ For Dinner, So We Planted Them a Salad Bar!

Chipmunks’ Third Payment Includes Polite Dinner Menu Request

Last year, they converged in a five-part radial pattern and ran into a common center. They didn’t collide with each other, but at the moment of collision, a pinecone was left behind as my ‘payment.’

This was so weird and psychedelic that at first I refused to believe it even happened. It was one of the “Early Michaelisms” that has now evolved into something far more.

At the time I thought I should make videos showing you this, but now they are doing it again!

The photo at the top of this email features all three of the “love offerings” the chipmunks presented me with yesterday.

So please bear in mind that it costs me a lot of time and money to send out mass emails. I have done 14 new Hangout videos in just over two weeks.

If you would like to stay on top of this, either subscribe to me on YouTube or just keep regularly checking my channel, /davidwilcock333.

I’m not forcing it. If nothing interesting happens, or no animal shows up, I don’t film. Yet, great stuff is constantly occurring.

I anticipate completing Michael Prophecies this week, so hang in there. The main reason I’m not doing a livestream today is to force my creativity into this pathway. It will happen!

We look to have about a two-month window before things get REALLY insane, so I do believe you will have time to read and enjoy this book BEFORE all of its biggest prophecies come true.

Many blessings, and again, keep looking me up on YouTube if you’d like to be part of the conversation!

Due to ridiculous con artists impersonating me and robbing people, I’ve now been ‘forced’ to respond to many of your comments personally as well!

So that’s another perk!

Good on ya mate! This is David, and I look forward to joining you for a good spot of Scottingcockstralian Comedy!

To respond to many comments en masse: I am not “going crazy.” This is acting.

I am intentionally acting like a delusional senior citizen who is paranoid. He thinks everything is showing him proof of a vast conspiracy against him from the DS.

Colin’s accent keeps sliding between Queensland Australia, ‘rural’ New Zealand, various wonderful Cockney flavors, an occasional brief burst of Irish, a highly irate Scottish pirate, and unanticipated fourth-wall breakage to typical American when the wheels start falling off.

Admittedly, this is a lot funnier if you are British, Australian or a Kiwi, particularly since no one has made an Australian Monty Python before that I am aware of.

I had a junior-year college roommate who played “The Final Cut” by Monty Python, in full length, at least 25 times that year.

I can duplicate all the sounds of the voices in Python and many other things. In this case I am just randomly switching them because on the playback, it makes me laugh even harder.

Genuine Australians actually love this, and are very impressed. If you like British comedy, you will be right at home! If not, just hang around for the next livestream, which is coming as soon as I break the final round of writer’s block on this.

So again, NO, I am not mentally ill or “Going Crazy.” It is actually incredibly difficult to do things that are this funny and NOT break down laughing. You don’t have to worry about that, but I do!


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