The Rainbow Scribe Newsletter – JUNE 2022


Beloved Family,
Our DNA is being activated and calibrated to evolve. Our human body is purging out the “old self.” The energy of the planet is upgrading as well. Here are some of the common ascension symptoms you may feel during this DNA Activation and Upgrade:

Reconnecting with things that you really like to do and that uplift you is the way to go when the above symptoms manifest in your life. Reconnecting you to you will bring out your natural source of motivation. Making the time and space for yourself is really important for overall balance. The more balance you have, the easier it is to move forward.

Act on your inspiration. This is the best place to be. Internal inspiration is your spirit helping you reconnect with life. Do something just for the pleasure of doing it. Filter out all news and drama. It’s depressing and extremely toxic for your energy. Find funny or heart-warming videos or movies to watch such as video1 – this will quickly raise your frequency level and uplift you! Practice the art of gratitude – giving thanks to the Universe when you experience such moments brings you more events that keep you energized and positive.
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