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Just a quick reminder!
The Wondrous Ascension Ride 2022 Online Retreat

Interviews are Available Here

thru Tuesday, May 31

Go here to see the interviews with some of the leading Lights of spiritual growth, including astrologer John Fyfe, Hay House author Lisa Barnett, galactic anthropologist Elizabeth Wood, and other wonderful psychics, healers, and channelers.

In my interview, I speak for a bit, answering questions on why the world’s corrupt leaders are still fully in view, despite much higher intervention. 

The Collective then come in and offer wonderful energetic support and wisdom on how to handle the powerful shifts we’re seeing now, including how to tap our Spirit team for direction and resources so we can live Abundantly now, whatever our circumstances.

Plus some wisdom on the issue of relationships and twin flames, our Earth Missions, and more . . .  

Go here see the interview with the Collective, and here view the Special Offer, available now — 


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