Messages from Ann & the Angels – 05/21/2022 • When life offers hate – turn to love


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are all challenged these days to stay in a kinder, more compassionate, and more loving reality than one being demonstrated by some very hurting souls on your planet Earth.

When you see the hateful, try not to fall into hate. Would you hate a child that doesn’t know the consequences of their angry tantrums and hurtful behaviors, or would you rather see them learn a better way?

When you see the consequences of hate, try not to wish for revenge. Why hurt a hurting soul and drive them more deeply into their hatred, when instead, you can pray for their understanding so they never again commit such atrocities?

When you slip and fall from love, try to be kind and loving to yourself so you can raise yourself back into a loving vibration. You deserve compassion. You are wired for fight or flight when you feel threatened, and rising above these instincts takes work. Cheer yourself on when you can, and soothe yourself kindly when you can’t.

Focus on, and love the idea of, a future where people treat each other kindly and hatred is seen as a sad cry for love. Love the idea of a world where people know their worth and don’t need to hurt others. Love the idea of the worst person in your life being elevated above their bad behaviors. If you can, imagine a world where the hurtful ones are restored to their original innocence. Imagine even the worst of the worst as innocent babies. Whisper to their souls, “You were once pure and innocent. Your soul still is… remember…” When you can, focus on the light within the soul no matter how dim or hidden it might be.

If you find yourself spiraling downward after hearing disturbing news, breathe deeply, look at your own emotional reaction, and ask yourself two questions:

Does this reaction feel good?

Can I find one that feels better?

We are not in any way, asking you to sanction bad behaviors. We are not asking you to “take the hits” or “turn the other cheek” only to be slapped again. We are, however, asking you to remember, that a hateful soul is deeply wounded and in unthinkable pain, for only the severely wounded and disconnected could hurt others in such a way.

So ask yourself, “What thought or reaction would feel better?” Can you find a better feeling or a better thought? Perhaps a prayer for both the hurtful and the hurting would feel better. Perhaps you can focus on compassion for those who have been affected by a hateful act. Perhaps, if you reach for it, you can find compassion for a soul so lost and disconnected from their own Source and in so much pain that their only way to cry for love is to create more pain for all to see.

Hatred is one of the saddest ways that a soul cuts itself off from love. We are not asking you to make hatred OK. We are asking you not to cut yourself off from love as a result of another’s deeply wounded state of disconnection.

We must say this again. Try not to disconnect yourself from love in reaction to another who IS disconnected.

Try not to give up your own right to feel good and feel God because another person has lost their ability to do so.

While society must have its consequences for unacceptable behaviors, remember that the greatest “punishment” for hatred is love. Love illuminates and dispels the darkness. Love creates an environment where darkness cannot exist. Love “denies” the darkness its very life. Hatred is like a vibrational virus that seeks to possess minds in order to propagate, and it cannot live in love. The denser vibrations cannot penetrate or exist in a higher vibrational field. In a vibrational field of love you are guided, protected, and in a flow towards the life that you desire.

So don’t let the painful and hateful actions that you witness in the world dim your light. You will almost certainly have a reaction to these acts – a temporary wobble away from the vibration of love – but as soon as you can, ask yourself, “What might be a better, more soulful way to react?” Try to find the best feeling you can, even in spite of the existence of behaviors that inspire bad feelings.

If you ask us for help, you will be guided – perhaps to pray, turn away, have compassion, or perhaps even start to champion a cause that helps prevent such things in the future. Sometimes you will be guided to “turn the other cheek” and look away from the hateful acts so you can focus on the countless examples of those doing good. However you are guided, know that this loving guidance will feel better, accomplish more, and one choice at a time, rob the hateful and hurtful vibrations of their power to propagate upon this earth.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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