STUNNING New Disclosure Tomorrow / Saturday, LIVE in Bay Area, CA!

Huge Movements Toward Full Disclosure Behind the Scenes!
This is a MUST-SEE new David Wilcock show!


HARD DEADLINE of Mid-September for full DECLAS

Loving it all, loving it all, loving it all:

Dear Friend,

I have just finished putting together over 375 slides for tomorrow’s epic two-hour premiere at New Living Expo!

Disclosure is plowing ahead full steam. We have been authorized to share a variety of stunning new pieces of intel from the “Cosmic” side of things.

Now that I know what the slides say, I am ridiculously excited. This is going to be one of the all-time classics — just by virtue of the information that will be released!

You will see three new spaceship designs, learn far more about the Draco and their home star, and get to be a part of New Living Expo — the Bay Area’s premiere event of its kind for leading figures in health, consciousness and spirituality.

This year’s live speakers include Marianne Williamson, Dannion Brinkley, Rev. Michael Beckwith, my ex-wife Elizabeth, Bruce Lipton, John Gray and many more.

You can go to the New Living Expo website and secure your seat by
clicking here:

We are now at the very end of a cosmic battle that has been raging on for hundreds of thousands of years, between advanced human ETs and reptilian ETs. Never before have we leaked this much new intel all at once!

Don’t miss it! If you are in the Bay Area or can get there, the New Living Expo is quite an event. Hundreds of booths and vendors, great food and music, and actual socialization with real human beings! Imagine that!

Audience reaction footage will be shot for the final edit. Don’t miss this chance to put your face into this classic movie!

See you at the Expo!



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