Spread Joy! A Beautiful Video!


Hi All!

I had to share this since it fit so perfectly with this week’s angel message!

As many of you have read in my newsletters, I keep envisioning flowers springing up to spread hope and beauty all over the world. A wall of hope built of fake flowers was brought to my attention soon after, and my own sunflowers started to grow like crazy on their own, out of last year’s seeds.

The idea of suggesting we all plant “Sunflowers for Hope” kept popping in my head… but I just didn’t have time to get to it yet.

Imagine my delight this morning my friend Summer sent me a beautiful video done by Bibi – a dear soul she knows in Stuart’s Point. 


Bibi and others encouraged the entire community to plant sunflowers after a flood and extremely challenging conditions. The community connected over “The Sunflower Challenge” and whether they planted many or a few it brought immense joy to all hearts.

S,o enjoy the video and see how, in Bibi’s words, “From little things, big things grow.” Maybe we can all plant a few sunflower seeds in our yards, or at least in our hearts, and like these flowers, turn our faces to the light each day to soak up the love that never stops shining!

Love you all,


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