29th April 2022 Mike Quinsey.


29th April 2022. Mike Quinsey. 

Dear friends, through the very respected David Wilcock has come a video interview with Mike Adams. It is truly astounding and revealing inasmuch that David has told of details not readily known or pre-released. They highlight what has been happening in recent times to break up the hold the dark Ones have had over Humanity. I strongly recommend you follow this up and I give you the link that will take you straight there:

Link to Video of Mike Adams interviewing David Wilcock.


Behind the scenes so much is happening that is in your interests and will thrust you into the New Age. However, you are still being held back by the dark Forces who have created a reality that is designed to keep you from advancing out of it. Yet time does not stand still and eventually the truth will start to come out. You should have advanced far beyond the point you are at now, whereas you have been in the control of those who have an agenda to prevent you from evolving.  However, the Alliance has made much progress in recent times by breaking up the web of deceit and lies that holds you in check. There are now  increasing opportunities for progress to be made that will lift you up out of their control. So keep positive in spite of the present chaos knowing that it will clear in due course and a new era commence.


29th April 2022. Mike Quinsey.  

The dark Ones gambled unsuccessfully on being able to take over the Earth and its inhabitants and nearly succeeded. They spent enormous amounts of money to produce a “killer” virus and released it to result in a worldwide pandemic. The results of such an action have led to many deaths including those souls with weak immunity systems. It could have been considerably worse but for the intervention of the Light Forces who oppose them. The overall effects of it have caused great problems on a worldwide scale, be assured that help will be given to overcome the problems that are already beginning to lessen, due to the precautions being taken to stop it spreading.

Some hard lessons have been learned and shown where you need to improve matters. Fortunately, you have taken the appropriate steps to enable a stronger response to the virus, and the people in general have responded by doing their part taking appropriate precautions. Much is being done on a voluntary basis to ensure the virus is under control. There has been so much to do and you are being successful due to your efforts to contain matters, and as always we stand in the background to observe your actions and help where it is applicable.

The trying times you are in are a good measure of how much you have evolved and to what degree you helped others less well-off who struggle to live a normal life. Compassion and help is needed more than ever as so many souls are suffering from lack of the basic needs to survive. There are always those who rise to the occasion but many more are needed to spread the load. Such trying times bring out the best in people and draw them together. We tell you so many times that you are all One and should treat each other accordingly. The continual pressures placed upon you are intended to keep you under control by the illuminati, who do not want you to awaken to your true potential or evolve. It is their way of keeping you from awakening to the truth but it will be to no avail as progress will continue in spite of their actions.

There has never been a better time than now to seriously consider what you want for your future, because as the vibrations continue to lift so will your level of consciousness increase if you allow it. You are in a unique time as the Light is increasing and will give you the opportunity to decide in which direction your life is going. An awakening is occurring that will make you realise that there is more to life than you have been led to believe. You have a future amongst the stars because you have the potential of an extra-terrestrial being. The changes that are coming will lead you down that path if you so wish as your freewill choice.

Break out of the mould you have been placed in and know that you have a great potential and abilities. You have for too long been held back and subdued by those entities who have been running the world for a long time. As we have mentioned on many occasions, you are dumbed down and prevented from reaching your true potential. In reality you are all great beings fighting to be allowed to express yourselves as you really are, and more of you are aware of it. It is time to break out of the mould you have been placed in and find your true selves.

Dear Ones, we tell you more about your true potential because it is the right time, believe in your capabilities to expand your level of consciousness. Truly you have the potential to do whatever is your heart’s desire for the future. Your friends from outer space draw nearer because they know that in the very near future the time will be right for first open contact. For a long time they have overseen your lives, and guided you so that each life has been beneficial to your spiritual growth.

“Reach for the skies” is an expression you use and is most appropriate at this stage in your lives. You are not destined to be earth-bound and you will travel the skies as you explore the Universe. It may sound unlikely but understand that you have been led to believe you are bound to the Earth, and that it is your permanent home. You have much to look forward to in the near future so think in the most expansive way.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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