Journey to Inner Earth: A Message to Light Bringers  🌟


Greetings, Beautiful Light Source!

Wow, these energies have been knocking me down lately! Maybe you’ve felt that way too.

“Tired by wired” seems to be what many are experiencing, due to the Light pouring in from certain astrological alignments and a lot of powerful, ongoing solar flares, as our Sun transfigures into a new Being.

I’m also relating well to those who feel to be in a void at times — to be living somewhere between where we’ve been on this planet, and where we’re going next. 

This week’s Message addresses this strange time we’re in, and the exhaustion and impatience we can feel at times

“Image yourself at the top of the planet in the Arctic. There is a great opening there, into Inner Earth . . .

Let’s travel right now. We’re going to fly. Your higher self has you by the hand, and he or she is going to guide you.

You’re in your etheric body, flying down that portal, until you find yourself Inner Earth.

We’re flying directly to one of the places where the Great Crystals live. These are astoundingly large Crystals, and incredibly beautiful.

In your current, very fine vibration, on a molecular basis, you’ve shifted to where you can walk right into these Crystals. It’s as if they’re water.

So pick one of them to walk into, in this huge cavern that’s really a temple.

And inside that Crystal, dear ones, you’re going to be gifted with some aspect of your mastery that you did not know you could claim.

Now, to begin with, ask for something . . .

The Collective also speak on the help we are receiving from our Star Nations families, and offer energies to assist us in this time of Rebirth and changeover, and at times, imbalance

So follow the very simple exercise they suggest — 

The answers may just blow you away  . . . 

Sending much Love,

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Our Daily Declaration 

To Petition for Divine Intervention to
Enact NESARA Law Now

Your affirmation or proclamation, to be spoken aloud each morning, might sound something like this (knowing as you do so that etherically, all of us and millions of other Light Bearers join with you):

“We call upon the Great Source Consciousness of the All That Is, the Creator Source Energy from which we came!

“We ask to be fully engaged in the Ascension of our own spirits and consciousness, and to move along the Ascension path in Joy and Grace.

“We call forth healing for all aspects of our mind, body, and spirit that require healing from past and present experiences and conditions on this or any planet we have ever lived on.

“We ask to be engaged fully as Light Bearers, and we call forth complete Divine Guidance, Direction, and Assistance in the Earth missions we drew up before birth.

“We call forth the full assistance now of that Divine Central Source that is pure Love—the Divine Feminine in all Her Creational power, and the Divine Masculine and all His Divine Protection.

“We call forth the assistance of all Beings in the higher realms serving within the Office of the Christ [the crystalline energy consciousness] to assist Earth at this time!

“We petition you now: Move swiftly with the Legions of Light to release and dissolve for all time-space all impediments to the full enactment of NESARA law.

“We petition you now: Move swiftly with your Legions of Light to nullify the effects of all false chemicals, all illness, all toxicity, all war and warlike action to which human beings are being exposed in mind, body, or spirit.

“We call forth and require Divine Healing for all, Divine Protection for all, Divine Guidance and Encouragement for all upon the Earth at this time.

“We blaze the Violet Flame of Saint Germain, to envelop the entire Earth and all Her people, and all Earth systems, experiences, and conditions!

“We petition you now, Angelic Legions and the benevolent Galactic forces, including all members of the Ashtar Command: Assist Earth by surrounding her with those frequencies needed to pave the way for NESARA’s immediate enactment.

“And we call forth the power of the Archangels, the Earth Beings who represent in higher levels the souls of all trees and plants, all rock and soil, all animals, air, water, and ethers—

“Hear us now!

“Join with the Ascended Masters and the power of all our souls, and break forth, through the false shields that have for too long blocked your empowered interventions, and intervene on a level such as never before seen on this planet!

“Pave the way for NESARA’s enactment, including complete disclosure of the nonterrestrial and extradimensional beings who live on and around Earth in this Universe!

“Pave the way for NESARA’s immediate enactment, including full announcement of the arrests of those responsible for the old false government structures around the planet, and those carrying out their orders.

“Pave the way for NESARA’s immediate enactment, including announcement of the tribunals and trials that these ones and their false overlords will now face.

“Pave the way for NESARA’s immediate enactment by steadying the heart-mind of every child, woman, and man on the Earth so that they are not only ready for complete renewal of all life on this planet, but ready to celebrate and accept the great changes unfolding now, in the liberation of Earth and all Her beings.

“And pave the way for our ability to rejoice, to give Thanks, to know that this is so, now and ever more.

“That all slavery status upon the Earth is hereby converted to a free and independent humanity, living in free and independent states, nations, and villages.

“Hear us now, and answer in the fullest possible measures! We call upon you, knowing the Time is Now for these unprecedented, benevolent interventions to be accomplished!

“We welcome you, friends and beloved family members, and we give Thanks. We give Thanks. We Give Thanks!

“And so it is. Namaste!”

[The Collective, from the NESARA page at]


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