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Dear Ones,

Even though you craved excitement throughout most of your outer-directed earth time, you are shifting to a lower key of excitement. The wild parties or schemes of yesterday no longer thrill you. Excitement has become interacting with loved ones, nature, and other seemingly mundane activities that you probably once scoffed at.

Such is another indication of your inner shifts. Fear and pain are becoming more irritating because they are no longer your areas of interest or exploration – they are yesterday’s fashions.

You are a different being in a different world. So it is you no longer pine for the excitement of war, negative interactions, or anything that feels arduous.

In your outer-directed world, you explored fear for exhilaration, even pleasure. “I was brave enough to overcome that fear” is no longer something you likely brag about. Not because you cannot conquer that fear, but because you know you can but are no longer interested in doing so.

You are different, and so is your world.

Instead of racing to the latest confrontation, you will first try to avoid it. Until the day you realize you cannot stop others from doing or being as they wish. That your only role is to find your peace, inner joy and allow the same for others.

You might wish to dampen the energies of negative media coverage. Or you might tell others how wrong they are in support of this or that – until you do not. Within the next few days, you will, in essence, cut yourself off from the woes and concerns of others. Not because you are unfeeling or a mean person, but because you no longer wish to add energy to their fears.

You likely respond that because others are dying or suffering, you must engage in eliminating such activities. But you will soon discover you do not feel the need to caretake anyone but yourself. Not because you are an unfeeling person, but because you no longer adhere to the outer-directed need to control or caretake others. You are self-contained, as is everyone who has transitioned beyond their outer-directed being.

At first, you will likely believe that everyone but loved ones, children, or animals can take care of themselves. So you return to your caretaking habits only to discover you no longer mesh with them as you once did – that caretaking has become heavy and burdensome. You are tired. In fact, you are exhausted by the effort.

This exhaustion indicates that you are no longer the outer-directed entity who needs to caretake, experience pain, or be frightened to achieve your fear roles. You have shifted to the freedom to be in peace. Which is quite different from the back and forth comments voiced by those for and against Covid vaccines or political antics.

A peace within yourself that doesn’t require outer declarations of rightness but instead an acceptance of who you are. A new inner peace not dictated by events outside yourself but awakened as part of your being.

Even though there will be times when you return to your outer-directed fears or righteousness, those times will become less and less. Declaring to the world that you no longer need to be right or fearful and that others can feel however they want.

So it is you will lose interest in those fear areas that once seemed wonderfully right and a bit edgy, areas that pushed your fear limits both physically and psychologically. And you will observe others deeply enmeshed in such areas with little interest or even understanding.

This is indeed a new world you have been instrumental in creating. It is time to live in that new world following your inner instincts instead of your previous roles of caretaking and fear.

You are not becoming a boring fuddy-duddy. You are changing the world. Not by anger, fear, righteousness, or even caretaking. You are doing so by being and enjoying your new calm inner world – without fear, angst, pining, or anger. So be it. Amen.

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