1st April 2022. Michael Quinsey.


st April 2022. Mike Quinsey.

Below is an extract from a message Kryon gave in 2014 telling of a Quantum event in your evolution that draws ever nearer.

“Your ancestors and you are especially here now, you are looking at a Quantum event in the Evolution of Humanity following the end of a 26,000 year long cycle. Why does biology act the way it does, what is it all these things are going to be revealed with one invention. It will be like the new radio of the future. It will be the revelation of finally being able to measure and finally see Quantum energy. You are in the Divine Feminine Age, this is the life that matters.

Love, healing and compassion, it is a new Planet finished. Inventions are delivered through consciousness at the right time on the Planet. DNA is changing and is different. Chemistry is different to what it was 1000 years ago. You are evolving and the chemistry will prove it. The savants (beings of great learning) are the children born without structure, you call them autistic. I will tell you that in their brain the structure of the third dimension has been removed. They are Quantum individuals to the maximum, they respond very badly and poorly in a three dimensional structure.

Some of them do not even want to put words together, because they do not understand one word after another. I want to tell you this Dear Ones, that it is a savant and that is what you would call Mother Nature, and we call Gaia and Spirit together testing the water of what is next a Quantum human being – and you would think it was a problem, well it may be Dear Ones to the parents here who have them, but I want you to look at them differently and know what is there, and what is happening. Spirit is already testing the water with an evolved DNA. How far can it go before it pushes it back and creates the new Human being less structured, one that will think conceptually (an abstract idea) and then quantumly, it is coming.”

1st April 2022. Mike Quinsey. 

Common sense is likely to prevail in the Ukraine war, and as usual there is much bloodshed and slaughter and much karma has been cleared. Do not worry yourselves about such outcomes, as virtually all of those souls involved were well aware of their life plan and agreed it before they incarnated. By clearing it they will have evolved more than they otherwise would have done. Experience is the master of these lessons and found to be the best way to learn from them. They are harsh experiences but necessary to achieve results.

However, souls that have experienced negativity first hand never forget the lessons learnt, and it is by far the quickest way for them to evolve. They are treated kindly and loving for facing their karma and making it good by their positive reaction to the consequences. There is no shame attached to karma, it is simply a way of bringing a soul’s frailties to the surface when they are able to face the consequences and put matters right. Such experiences often make a souls intention much more powerful. All of your life you have faced challenges and testing, and it would be surprising if you were not stronger willed as a result of them.

The fact that you would have discussed your life plan before incarnating upon Earth and accepted it, means that you are not expected to be overwhelmed by it. Furthermore your Guides are always on hand to help you within certain limitations due to your freewill choices. There is also no pressure put upon you to do more than you feel able to cope with. There is always a life plan but it can be adjusted or even changed if necessary. No one is more pleased than your Guides if you clear your karma, as it is not a punishment but a very well tried and tested fair system to give you the experience you need.

Often karma involves your friends or family and you can work together to be successful in clearing it. There are many permutations where karma is concerned and your Guides will influence you to achieve the best outcome. Also remember that there may be a testing to see if you have learned your lessons, and be assured that if you have you will not have to face them again. Fortunately like attracts like and as you progress you will make new friends who are most likely to be on your level. Some ask is there good karma and of course there is, and as you earn it so you will enjoy the rewards.

You have a saying that birds of a feather flock together, well it also applies to humans as you are attracted to souls with a similar energy to your own. However, when it comes to the soul who is to be your partner you may be opposites, because the choice has already been made and in part that may have depended on your karma. Even your parents to be are chosen for you as in most cases they are a very important part of your life that helps mould your character. Again it can be a “wheels within wheels” situation where even your parents are part of your life plan. How about placing people together that cannot get on with each other yet have karmic ties, it can certainly can get complicated.

Whatever your circumstances part of the challenge is to overcome your differences, and that may mean some hard lessons may have to be learned. Take them all seriously and the harder you find it the more you will have gained if you are successful. You may in consequence realise that your Guides have a very important role to play and they will do their best to keep you to your life plan. Get to know them as the good friends they are and speak out your thoughts to them and acknowledge their presence.

You passed the marker of 2012 and will have since undoubtedly made good progress and in reality should be well on your path to completion in this lower vibration. You are on your way to a level where you will leave all of the negativity behind, never again to have to go through such experiences. We say “Well done” keep up the good work and soon it will be all plain sailing.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.


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