Messages from Ann & the Angels – 03/26/2022 • Look for the Good…


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As the energies of light and “forgetting-light” vie for attention in your world, you feel that tug of war in your bodies, minds, and hearts. So many of you sensitive souls feel the density of the lower vibrational energies tugging at you now, trying to get your attention and convince you that your world is going downhill. It is not.

Thanks to each and every one of you and countless others, your world is moving towards a greater light.

Look for the good and you will see it everywhere. As you notice it and celebrate it, you empower it. As you focus upon it, it flows to you and through you. As you refuse to be drowned in the darkness you witness in this world and instead hold your focus steadfast on the good, you will find that you feel better in body, mind, and soul.

You can find good everywhere, even in the darkest of situations. There is nature in her purity beckoning you to receive the blessings of her beauty and life-affirming chemistry. There are people quietly performing acts of love and service. There are individuals who never thought they’d do anything other than live their daily lives who are stepping into the role of amazing charitable leaders. Strangers are opening their hearts and homes to one another. Caring souls are lovingly guiding the young. Loving caregivers are tending to the babies, the elderly, the disabled, and your furry. Truckers, shippers, stockers, and clerks are quietly keeping economies in motion, while farmers, bats, bees, and so many other beings, ensure that you get a cup of coffee in the morning and food on the table. Even in the midst of bombs and rubble, there are countless souls reaching into their depths to find and bring forth goodness amidst the ashes.

Everywhere you look, there is good. Everywhere you look, there is God
. In some situations, the good is easy to see. In others, you must look more carefully. Nonetheless, it is always there.

There are, without question atrocities being enacted in your world right now. There are people so possessed by fear and anger that they commit crimes against their own human nature. They seek false power because they have not known the true power of love. They are sad, lost, and lonely and their souls need your prayers.

These are the few, rather than the many. There are far more people doing good upon your earth. There are far more people engaged in acts of kindness right now as we speak, than those engaging in acts of hate.

There is plenty of bad news that makes the news, yet we have good news. Love is winning. Love is the “end game.” Love is what heals hearts, stops wars, and what lifts souls out of the ignorance of hate and darkness which traps them in a cage of their own creation.

Love is the only thing that will set you free and help you rise above the tugs and pulls of the various forces vying for your attention. Love is what gives you energy, connects you with guidance, and allows you to enjoy your life while dancing around the density.

When you focus on the good in your world, you focus on God. When you share the good you share God.

One social media post documenting a loving act can inspire thousands. Will you be the one to notice it and share it?

One kind word or deed with a request to “pay it forward” can start a chain of loving gain. Will you be a link in that chain?

One inspiring word to a person who is feeling down-trodden can give them the hope to carry on. Can you be such an influencer of incredible proportions by saying a kind word today?

You, dear ones, by noticing the good within you and around you kindle the light of love upon your planet earth.

Love is winning dear friends. Love is making the lost doubt in their darkness. Love is inspiring those who love to stand up for what they love. Love is creating a global family that is more united, caring, and compassionate than ever before. Look for this love in the smallest of ways. Notice it. Celebrate it. Know that in so doing, you empower it.

Your prayers, your kindness, and your choices to take tender, loving care of yourselves and one another are changing your world and the course of your history.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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