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Huge Thanks to all who have offered beautiful comments on the videos, including the latest one — so glad you’re finding them helpful!

I’m also thankful for those joining the TAG Facebook page, and for the New Members signing up, taking advantage of the bonuses and lower pricing available now thru Friday night (see below).

And if you’ve got a question for the Collective, now’s the time!

Join us tonight, and bring your question: 
Special Abundance Group Q&A Call

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

5:45 PM Pacific Time / 8:45 PM Eastern Time (US / Canada) 

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 874 6191 9914

To phone in, find your local number here:

Meeting ID: 874 6191 9914

The Collective’s higher energies and insights have changed lives. (See the testimonials below.)

One of biggest Abundance Blocks people name in surveys, is feeling they have no way to change their limiting beliefs about one form of Abundance or another.

They know these ideas are stuck in their subconscious, where conscious thought can’t influence them.

This is why energy work—channeled Q&A, energy activations, visualizing, magnifying our intentions through group focus—is the crucial ingredient that empowers all the other methods.

All Abundance Group services concentrate on healing your most challenging areas, deep in your subconscious as well as your conscious mind, including:

  • Feeling worthy and deserving of Abundance
  • Creating fulfilling, well-paid work
  • Creating freedom from debt
  • Creating a living dialogue between you and the energy of money or Love or good health
  • Increasing feelings of fulfillment
  • Releasing old trauma, oaths, contracts, and agreements that have been holding you back
  • Feeling and thinking positively about your finances, health, and relationships
  • Shifting your whole outlook and vibration into easeful Abundance

So if you are willing to actively use Abundance clearings, activations, or other practices each week—to finally hit bedrock on this issue . . . 

Abundance Group Gold Members receive these empowering, life-shifting benefits: 

  • A Once-A-Week Personal Message Channeling Live Zoom Call (and MP3 Recording of Call) [$225 Value monthly]
  • Once-A-Month 30-Minute Abundance Expansion / Energy Work Call
  • Signup Gifts – 3 of the Collective’s Abundance Meditation / Energy Activation MP3s and 2 of their Ebooks, including their Amazon bestseller Abundance For All 
  • MP3 recordings of the Twice-A-Month Abundance Calls
  • Discounts on channeling sessions
  • Any New Abundance MP3s and Ebooks that are Channeled from the Collective 
  • Circle of Light Energy Work, and Membership in the private Abundance Group Facebook Page
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Silver Membership (also very empowering) offers these Abundance-building benefits:   

  • Once-a-Month Recorded Personal Message Channeling
  • Signup Gifts – 2 of the Collective’s Abundance Meditations / Energy Activations, and their Intuition Ebook
  • Discounts on channeling sessions
  • MP3 Recordings of the Abundance Calls
  • Membership in the Active and Encouraging Abundance Group Facebook Page
  • Circle of Light Energy Work 
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Subscribe between now and 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Friday, March 4, 2022, and you’ll also receive these additional bonus gifts:

  • The Abundance Module of the Joyful Well-Being Series

    – The popular ebook Manifesting Abundance: The Collective Offer Practical Paths to Greater Prosperity, plus

    – An Abundance energy activation MP3

    – An Abundance visualization MP3

  • The “Creating Peace of Mind About Finances” MP3

    The Collective and your support team lead you into a Peaceful fifth dimensional Earth, as you release the energy blockages, worry, and doubts regarding what you deserve or are able to create, and move into a vibration of calm and serenity.

You can become a subscribing member of the Abundance Group at any time, but . . . 
Subscriptions costs will be going up after 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Friday, March 4, 2022, and the bonuses will no longer be available.

If you’re curious to know how a live Q&A Calls work, where the Collective and your Spirit team answer your question — tune in tomorrow evening for our live Special Abundance Call!

Get there early to have your question answered by your Spirit team and the Collective, yahoo!

You’ll receive the link to the Call tomorrow AM.

And if you and your higher self feel that Membership is right for you, go HERE now to choose Gold or Silver Membership.
As always, the Collective and I are honored to assist on your path!
Much Love and Light, 

P S  There’s no contract, so you can quit your monthly subscription at any time, simply by canceling your auto-payment. Join for one or two months, three months, six months, a year — up to you! Easy peasy! 
P P S  Whether or not TAG Membership is right for you at this time, thank you for going on this journey with me. Please know that my Love and support are with you, no matter what.

And please do join us for the Abundance Calls, free and open to all, held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month!

What People are Saying About Abundance Group Membership . . .

“For me, the Abundance Group has been a life saver . . .

Everyone gets to ask a free question every month, and I always enjoy listening to the questions and answers. Most of the time the answers can apply to us all.

The Call has helped me to understand how you can live an abundant life. It’s a very positive atmosphere.”

Shareen, Abundance Group Member, California

“You are offering tremendous value with this Members group, and I love the work you are doing. It has been amazing spending time with this group over the last 2 years plus. ​

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to gain clarity on so many subjects, asking questions of a Collective who have a higher perspective on things.

I highly recommend!”

Harry, Abundance Group Member, Canada

“The Abundance Group has been a wonderful constant in my life since its inception . . . 

Not only does it offer valuable and very practical exercises and approaches that always involve the subconscious, but it is an extraordinary group of like-minded people.

This gives each meeting an exceptional energy and certainly a momentum towards abundance.

Caroline herself is such a special person, full of empathy and always ready to support. The Collective is an unwavering authority for me in the confusions and challenges of this three-dimensional world.

Every meeting of this group strengthens again a piece of faith in yourself and your own sovereignty. Created for all Jedis in the making. Deep gratitude to be a part of this group.”

Victoria, Abundance Group Member, Germany

“The Abundance Group has been a lighthouse in a storm for me, providing much-needed guidance and valuable real-world tools to assist me in my personal development. ​

Caroline has helped me through some confusing and difficult times. I am forever grateful.”

Rebecca, Abundance Group Gold Member, Italy

For More Testimonials, see the Abundance Group page


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