Messages from Ann & the Angels – 01/19/2022 • Peace from the inside out


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Given the choice, would you choose war or peace? In truth, you aregiven this choice countless times a day.

You choose war or peace between your head and your heart. You choose war or peace between your desires and your thoughts about them. You choose war or peace between your thoughts and your actions. You choose war or peace with the people around you in traffic, with the customer service representatives on the phone, and with those who play even more important roles in your life.You can choose war or peace with your computer equipment, with your body, with your food, your finances, or with an ideology. You choose war or peace with those whose behaviors you love and those whose behaviors you abhor. A thousand times a day, or more, you can “go to battle” or you choose to be at peace.

When someone cuts you off in traffic, the choice for peace, compassion, and forgiveness may seem insignificant. Nonetheless, your choice is a vibrational vote which affects the whole. When someone wants to argue, your choice to listen rather than engage may seem difficult, but not a big deal to the human race. In truth, each of these choices is a huge victory for your soul, and for the entire human race. When you look in the mirror and don’t care for the body you see, the choice to be kind to yourself rather than choosing to “attack” yourself with derogatory statements is yet one more vote for peace.

The vibration of war is the same no matter how big or small the battle. The vibration of peace is the same no matter how large or small the choice to stay in your loving center. These vibrations matter. You matter. Your choices matter. A war between nations starts far before the invasions and attacks. It starts with countless souls in a vibration of frustration, anger, victimhood, and unrest. The ripple effect eventually builds momentum and must be out-pictured in the mass consciousness.

Far more beautiful, a sweet ripple of loving peace goes into the mass consciousness every time you choose it. Since peace is a higher vibration than war, it takes far fewer souls in loving peace to affect the whole than the countless souls who must choose anger to create war. You have the advantage when making peaceful and loving choices, dear ones. You matter.

Whenever you try to impose your will upon another, you choose war. Whenever you beat yourself up, criticize your body, or make your own choices wrong, you choose to be at war with yourself.

Conversely, when you choose compassion, for yourself or others; when you live and let live, you are an angel of peace. You never know which one of you might make the vibrational vote that tips the scales of vibration towards an external war or more importantly soothes a vibration of chaos within someone “in power” to create peace. Your “votes” for war or peace, made vibrationally throughout the day, ripple out into the cosmos, joining with other similar vibrations and influencing global events. You are important. Your choices between war or peace, vibrationally speaking, are important.

We are not suggesting that you ignore your feelings. We aresuggesting that you listen to your feelings, and learn from them – for they are your guidance. When you feel good, you feel God. When you feel anything less, you are, to some degree disconnected from your true loving nature, and the true loving nature of the universe. No matter who or what triggered you into this lower vibration, you get to choose whether you want to dignify the bad feelings with your attention or choose more peaceful thoughts and actions. We urge you to be kind to yourselves –  t choose peaceful thoughts and actions when tempted to create battles in your mind or your life. In peace, your soul wins.

You have a phrase on earth that says something or someone “disturbs your peace.” At the very heart of that phrase is an understanding that peace is yours. Peace is the natural state of a soul that is aligned with the love that breathes life into them. Peace is an inside job, and while something might “disturb” your peace, the more you practice being peaceful, the less the outer world will “disturb” you.

Peace comes from knowing you are eternally one with the Source of all Love and you can choose to be a loving being, no matter what anyone else chooses. Peace comes from knowing you are connected to the Source of all Wisdom and you can silence the mind, and feel your way into a solution to all challenges. Peace comes from knowing you have a right granted to you by your creator to be whomever you choose in a given moment and so does everyone else.

Peace comes from releasing your head’s control over your heart and allowing yourself to feel, for your feelings will always guide you. Peace comes from releasing control over others, even if that desire to control comes from loving intent.

Peace, dear ones, comes from your willingness, in the present moment to accept yourself exactly as you are; from your willingness to accept others and life exactly as they are in that moment,. Then from that platform of peace and acceptance, you can lovingly reach for the next best thought, the next best feeling, the next loving action.

Imagine a stream flowing towards the ocean. It wants to flow. It encounters a boulder it cannot move. Should the stream stop and complain about the boulder blocking its flow and thus make war? Or would the stream be better served by relaxing into the present moment with peaceful acceptance? “I accept myself. I want to flow in this direction. I accept that there is a boulder that appears in my way. What next?” You already know the answer. The stream would flow naturally around the boulder and the boulder would stand strong, relaxing to the gentle caress of the stream as both remain true to their nature.

The stream is not resisting itself, nor did it resist the boulder. It is surrendering to a greater wisdom and flow of life that accommodates both. The boulder is not resisting itself, nor is it resisting the stream by complaining about the flow. It simply stands in its essential nature.

In fact, if you look at nature you’ll see signs all around of various animals and plants living true to their essential nature, engaged in a dance of life, which is so precisely, vibrationally coordinated that your greatest computers cannot even come close.

You can end the wars within, by allowing yourself to be yourself. You are who you are… in this moment. You feel what you feel… in this moment. You want what you want… in this moment. Release your need for agreement, surrender, control, and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Focus on the reality you wish to experience. Listen to your own feelings. The beautiful Source of life within wants you to be happy, and always wants to guide you to the best, most benevolent version of your dreams. The Source wants to do the same for all souls willing to listen to their own flow.

Don’t resist the boulders of life. Don’t waste your life and your time worrying about what others are doing, or what they think you should do. Trust your own feelings, and to the best of your ability honor them as much as possible. Peace is yours. It has belonged to you all along, and the more you plug into this peace voluntarily, the less anyone or anything external can disturb it.

True Peace comes from the awareness that you are united – never separate – from the Source of all love, all resources, all wisdom, and all guidance. When you experience yourself united with the Source of all love, you lack nothing. You trust life to lead you to all you desire. If one person isn’t giving you what you want, you trust you will be guided to others who will. When you experience yourself united with the Source of all love, you can truly “live and let live” and you can truly experience the “peace that surpasses all understanding.” You have no need to make yourself or anyone else wrong. You have no need to insist others agree with you. You have no need to tear yourself or one another apart. You become a powerful agent of peace.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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