18th February 2022. Mike Quinsey.


18th February 2022. Mike Quinsey.

If at last the confrontation being experienced brings about a peaceful solution, it signals a desire to avoid action that involves death and destruction. It would start a more sensible way of settling disputes without the need for force to be used. It could create a precedent for the future, and with the increasing upliftment of the vibrations peace is starting to come to Earth. Your history is one series of battles and wars with a great loss of life, and the cost of making good the massive damage it causes. We see more than a glimmer of hope that this altercation can be the last time that war is threatened and carried out. Common sense will have prevailed and set a marker for any further disputes.

The majority upon Earth pray for lasting peace and the end to wars, so that life becomes a safe experience that can be enjoyed. One that can bring people together in a common desire for a trouble free life that can be fulfilling. If not, the repetition of the horrors of war and the destruction of people’s dwellings and their lives will continue. We ask you if you really want peace or war knowing from experience that it takes a long time to recover, let alone the expense needed to make good the damage. The human cost is also damaging to your future ambitions as a Nation and it takes a long time to recover from such a loss.

The sooner you see the good sense in cooperating with each other the quicker you will get over the current problems. You will be able to fully concentrate on rebuilding a society that reflects the changes needed to advance you into the New Age, with all of its benefits that are waiting to be introduced. So much is there that will propel you into a future that you have not yet experienced, that will help you easily overcome present problems allowing you so much more time for your own pursuits.

Think of a future that can offer you so much rather than dwell upon what could have been if you had taken a different path. Your experiences will not be wasted as they have prepared you for what lays ahead and you will readily fit into a new way of living. Indeed, you will welcome the changes that will make life so much more enjoyable. Not least of all will be your eventual introduction to your Space family who are waiting for you to grow in understanding and ability to take your place with them. It will take time to reach that level but the path is wide open waiting for you to set your feet upon it.

Remember in reality that you are all brothers and sisters who have experienced lives in many different countries and religions, and have grown as a result with an understanding and appreciation of other people’s ways and beliefs. It all helps you expand your own knowledge and understanding and makes you what you are today. First hand experience is a grand thing and is not forgotten as it shapes your outlook and understanding of how others see life and react to it. Many of you have had many, many lives that have given you a wonderful appreciation of the motivation that makes people what they are and represent.

We would say you haven’t lived until you rise up into the higher vibrations, because they are so different to what you know as life. You will find them exciting and wonderful and most likely more than you have ever dreamt of that cannot be adequately expressed in your languages. Joy and harmony exist all around you and everything shows itself in its perfect form. Animals also live in harmony as the wild streak has been replaced with a gentle and pleasing approach to all life forms. Love abounds all around and nature lives in harmony with all else. As your Bible stated “the Lion shall lay down with the Lamb” as there will no longer be animals that prey on others, all will exist in love and peace. In fact you are starting to see the early stages already of such changes.

Peace is coming but first it starts with Man who is beginning to see and understand the absurdity of warring against your brothers and sisters. Think of how much progress would be speeded up when countries came together in a common cause. After two World Wars or is it three when you count in the Cold War, you are in a time of change, so accept it and introduce changes that will bring permanent peace to the world. The old ways of using force to get your way have finished forever. If those in power will not accept it is time for peace to descend upon Earth, replace them with those souls who do.

We have told you many times that you are “All One” and you have often come together many times in the past, and have laid down the stones of your path to a greater existence. We will help you when you are ready and many great souls are already with you, awaiting the right time to reveal what they have to offer that will speed up your progress to a higher level that is fully beneficial to you all. One of the greatest inventors you have benefitted from is yet again with you, to take you a stage further than before – his name is Tesla.

Can you see now how we help you along when you are ready, and it is why we tell you that you have so much to look forward to in the near future. It may seem that you are left to your own devices and that is true up to a point, but we are always overseeing what you are doing. We are always trying to direct you in the right direction without infringing your right to free choice. We are as keen as you are to see you making progress in the right direction. There has always been a plan for humanity and your success has been to pass the marker that has opened up many opportunities that you would not otherwise have had.

The truth should lay comfortably with you but if in doubt set it aside and it will be there for later, as it is inevitable there will come a time when you will awaken to the truth. It will come down to trial and error but when you hit the right button you will know it without doubt. Therefore do not be too rigid in your thinking and be open to other ideas, otherwise you may become stuck when you could otherwise make progress. Find the God inside through prayer or other means that suit you and you will be well on the path of Light.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light

Mike Quinsey.


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