Special Abundance Call Tonight on Zoom! ¬†ūüíú


Greetings, Abundant One!

Please join us for a special Abundance Call tonight!

We will have a special guest, Jennifer Ruth Russell with us.

Jennifer is an amazing channeler, spiritual teacher, author, singer/songwriter, and founder of the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy.

You may know her Morning Light Meditations — they are amazing! She will share one with us.

So please do join us, and get a big vibrational lift!
Wednesday, February 9, 2021
5:45 PM Pacific / 8:45 PM Eastern
Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 839 3168 3292 [No Passcode needed]
[If for any reason the¬†link doesn’t work, no worries — I will send out another one!]

Or Join Us by Phone — See Numbers Below


Also — today is the last day to sign up for my wonderful friend Diana Jones’s Being Loved series!

Diana is an amazing author, teacher, healer, and Akashic¬†Records reader, and she was a recent guest on the Abundance Call —¬†you can find the replay here.

The life-changing BEING LOVED workshop starts this Friday, February 11, and offers tremendous shifts, if you are: 

  • Ready to change the trajectory of your life from “bumping along” to living powerfully from your heart
  • Tired of taking care of others and being left empty-handed
  • Ready to take back your power and truly step into your loving truth

The Being Loved Workshop was designed specifically to heal and support all of this.

It offers 9 weeks of transformational insights on 9 powerful aspects of the power, freedom, and Peace of mind that comes with realizing how loved we are, as well as personalized group coaching from Diana.  

Go here:¬†https://sacredbeginnings.com/personal-life-coach/¬†and scroll down to the bottom of the page¬†to see¬†testimonials from Diana’s clients.

The workshop starts this Friday, and registration ends today (Wednesday) at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

So listen to your heart. If you feel you could benefit from this beautifully empowering, interactive workshop —¬†

Join Diana for the next Being Loved Workshop –¬†9 Week Series:

Dates:  Every Friday evening for 9 weeks, from February 11 РApril 8, 2022
Time:  6 pm Р9 pm Pacific / 9 pm Р12 midnight Eastern Time
Location: Live Zoom Calls every Friday Evening for 9 consecutive weeks, for 3 hours per evening

Go HERE for more Details or go here to REGISTER

If you can’t make a Friday evening, the entire 27-hour Workshop is available on MP3 for a small fee, so you can relax and feel good about joining in.


As an Added Bonus . . . 

For those who sign up for the Being Loved workshop, I am offering aHUGE discount on a one-hour channeling session or a free 45-minute session, if you sign up for BEING LOVED today (Wednesday, Feb 9) by 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

To claim your bonus, simply: 

1) Sign up for the Being Loved workshop at https://kellysjonesschedule.as.me/BeingLoved9WeekFeb2022.

2) Email your receipt or screenshot of your registration confirmation to me at AscensionTImes@gmail.com.

3) Then¬†go here to choose the PayPal button¬†for the 20-minute session¬†— that plus your receipt will entitle you to¬†a one-hour session with the Collective and your Spirit team.¬†

4) OR simply send me your registration confirmation and request a free 45-minute session.

I will then contact you to schedule your session, and you will be signed up for a phenomenal, life-changing workshop!

See you on the Call tonight!

Much Love & Light,


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