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Greetings, Beautiful Light Source!


Hello My Friend –¬†

I feel that so much¬†of the unsureness so many are feeling now — about the world or their own lives — can be calmed and¬†filled¬†with¬†assurance and Peacefulness in our¬†heart-space.

We just need some direction, to grasp how completely loved we are by all in the higher realms, and our own higher self and soul.

In a recent Abundance Call, my wonderful friend, the author, teacher, healer, and Akashic Records reader Diana Jones shared her ideas and much-needed insights on this issue.

Find the replay here¬†— it¬†offers a¬†channeling¬†from the Collective and wonderful energy work from them and Diana,¬†to lift your spirits and overall vibration — for Abundance, and everything else.

Also: Diana is offering her amazing BEING LOVED workshop right now.

It starts this Friday, February 11. This can be a complete Game-Changer for your Life, if you are:

  • Ready to change the trajectory of your life from “bumping along” to living powerfully from your heart
  • Tired of taking care of others and beling left empty-handed
  • Ready to take back your power and truly step into your loving truth

The Being Loved Workshop was designed specifically to heal and support all of this. 
It offers 9 weeks of transformational insights on 9 powerful aspects of being loved, plus personalized group coaching from Diana.  

Go here:¬† and scroll down to the bottom of the page¬† for testimonials from Diana’s very happy clients.

It starts Friday, February 11, and registration ends Wednesday at midnight Eastern Time.

So listen to your Heart, and if you feel you could benefit from this beautifully empowering, interactive workshop that can reshape your life on a whole higher level —¬†

Join Diana for the next Being Loved Workshop – 9 Week Series:

Dates:  Every Friday evening for 9 weeks, from February 11 РApril 8, 2022
Time:  6pm Р9pm PST, 7pm Р10pm MST, 8pm Р11pm CST, 9pm Р12 midnight EST
Location:  Live Zoom Calls every Friday Evening for 9 consecutive weeks, for 3 hours per

Go HERE for more Details or go here to REGISTER

If you can’t make a Friday evening, the entire 27-hour Workshop is available for purchase (on MP3) for a small fee, so you can relax and feel good about joining in.

And an Added Bonus . . . 

I am offering a HUGE discount on channeling sessions if you sign up for BEING LOVED anytime between now and Wednesday, February 9 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

To claim your bonus, simply:

1) Sign up for the Being Loved workshop at

2) Email your receipt or screenshot of your registration confirmation to me at

3) Then¬†go here to choose the PayPal button¬†for the 20-minute session — that plus your receipt will entitle you to a one-hour session with the Collective and your Spirit team.

Easy peasy!

I will then contact you to schedule your session, and you will be signed up for a phenomenal, life-changing workshop!

Much Love & Many Blessings,


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