Your Greatest Love

Hi my friend,
I hope that 2022 is bringing you lots of magical moments so far!
Many of us are receiving consistent inner nudges that this is the time for Soul Family and Soul Tribes to come together to co-create from the heart. Great things happen when we come together in in this way.
If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that life is precious, our own inner compass will always be our North Star, and being there for each other in ways that reflect compassion, kindness and non-judgment is what will help us usher in much brighter days ahead.
It brings me joy to create a safe space for people to heal, thrive and prosper in all areas of their lives, and this year, I intend to offer more LIVE virtual gatherings and retreats where we can co-create personal and global healing together.
With that being said, I’m grateful to announce our first LIVE virtual retreat will be on
Sunday, February 13th (just before Valentine’s Day,)
The theme of this retreat is Your Greatest Love.
Embrace and Connect with the Love of Your Life
Time: 10am-1pm Pacific Time / 1-4pm Eastern / 6-9pm London Time
Location: The comfort of your own home via Zoom
In this retreat you will:
  • Receive a clear understanding of how to connect with the love of your life!
  • Untangle yourself from the dysfunctional patterns, habits and co-dependencies preventing you from connecting with your greatest love.
  • Awaken to the vibrant stream of physical and emotional well-being that already resides within you.
  • Connect to the love available for you, as close to you as your next sacred breath.
  • Expand your ability to receive even more of the miraculous love you desire to experience.
  • There will also be a fun and interactive Q&A portion of the retreat!
  • And much more!
This retreat is being offered via donation / love offering of your choice,
to make it accessible to everyone.
I look forward to connecting with you on February 13th!
Explore more about Your Greatest Love by visiting the link below:
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