And so 2022 Begins…..


Dear Friends

Welcome to 2022!
I must apologise for this newsletter being so late.  I had planned to have it ready for the first week of January, but as you know the best laid plans often do not go as planned.  In my case, it is midsummer here and I was laid low by a nasty bout of gastroenteritis that left me fit for nothing but lying on my bed.  So that is in the past and I am happy to update you on whats happening in 2022 , and January in particular.
It is going to be a very special year for us, because we are going to be seeing more of the results of our hard work as we progress on the New Earth timeline. Here is the Channel I did with Archangel Michael that speaks about the incoming shifts and the effects of living between two timelines:

Archangel Michael speaks about the “Gates of Paradise” which are the doorway to a new way of perceiving time and space in our new Reality.  He also refers us to the “Book of Love” whic


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