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“Your Final Birth Push” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestryCreations.com.

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Dear Ones,

Many of you are concerned that you are not ready for the final push, the birth of new you. Such concerns indicate your disbelief in your worth.

You most likely relish the thought of a new earth that someone will create and promote. But that someone is certainly not you, for you are just you – an ordinary earthling. A belief many of you hold despite eons of practice for this moment. You believe you cannot be an earth savior or angel because you are so average, so ordinary.

You likely relish those fairy tale and comic book characters who transform from ordinary to extraordinary with little or unexpected effort. You are those characters – the Clark Kent transforming into Superman. Do you not realize that your fairy tale and comic book characters are triggers to remind you of your greatness and skill level?

That last thought does not mean you will jump into a telephone booth – even if you could find one – and shift into a superhuman. Instead, each of you has a specific expert skill, not within the range of possibilities for others. A skill that is your secret gift to the world.

Your gift might be something you pined for or have utilized for decades. All that matters is that you use that skill however it is most comfortable for you. Perhaps you are a physical healer or a loving being comforting everyone just by being in their presence. Maybe it is the creation of something that future generations will utilize. Or beautiful artwork or music to provide comfort to those who connect with your artistic creations. It does not matter what your unique gift is, for each gift is necessary to help the earth and its beings shift from outer-directedness to inner peace and joy.

All you have to do to access your skills is follow your interests.

You are not a forerunner merely to take up a forerunner group slot. You are a forerunner because you are powerful and tenacious, as displayed by your ongoing need to shift the earth and yourself despite all odds.

You are exceptional with many skills. At the same time, you have a unique skill you honed for eons for this time.

No one reading this message can claim – even though you may want to so you can pander to your former worthlessness training – they are not skilled, exceptional, or ready. This time is what you hoped for, prepared for, prayed for, and diligently dedicated yourself to for eons.

Allow that sparkling, special new you to display who and what you are. This is not a time to be shy or nervous. This time, this place is your message to shine as brightly as you wanted for eons. Even though you are not better than others, you are different – just as Johann Sebastian Bach was different than Steve Jobs. Both created something that changed the earth in unexpected ways. They were the forerunners preparing the path for you.

It is time for you to claim your skills, your inner power, and your rightness to be of the earth now. Shrinking violets are no longer needed. Claim yourself so that those following can do the same, just as Steve Jobs, along with other tinkerers, created new skills and languages to help you communicate with one another in ways never before known. Stop pretending you are not equally skilled. And stop allowing others to force you to conform to what was.

What was is no longer – just as outer-directed you are no longer.

Shine, sparkle, and do so by claiming yourself fully without concerns about conceit, overshadowing others, stepping outside expectation boxes, or any concerns about staying behind the wall of 3D safety.

Your time is now. Claim yourself in all your seeming eccentric glory.

Your skills do not have to be otherworldly – they merely have to create a warmth and rightness within you. Perhaps you are a kind neighbor or the creator of something that will change the world. It does not matter. All that matters is that you feel right within yourself, knowing that this is your dream. That is your key place.

Even though there are other interests and activities you will likely participate in, your key place is your center, your personal sun, which will radiate out to any activities in which you participate.

Find and claim your personal sun.

No one other than you knows your personal sun. You will find yourself drawn to a particular activity – perhaps something you always found intriguing. Allow yourself to activate your central sun with a knowingness of rightness within you. Your personal sun will then radiate out to the appropriate stars of activity.

If you do not understand what we, of the Universes, are speaking of, ask yourself what brings you joy in your day-to-day life? What sparks your interest? Or what do you wish you had time to do? Perhaps you need to ask yourself why something has been or has become vital to you. Then, follow that question with how that information relates to your current life or how you wish it would. Most likely, the answer is part, if not all, of your central sun. Allow yourself to embed yourself in that activity or thought process, for you will feel somewhat empty until you do. Then follow that piece of knowledge with related activities.

Your central sun was honed through eons of practice to be the starting point of your new life in this new world. The aforementioned personal questions will lead you to your new world, as well as expose to you and others your superpowers of innovation and creation. So be it. Amen.

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