A Message to Light Bringers – January 21, 2022  🌟


Greetings, Beautiful Being!


I pray you and yours are well, and will remain well, or be healed if needed.

All our paths are moving forward so quickly now, evolving to something much higher than we’ve experienced for millennia.

Because of that, I found this week’s Message very powerful.

A reader wrote in, asking for one quick thing we could do every day that would assist humanity and the Earth, and the Collective’s answer was unexpected by me, but Earth-changing.

They put that “sacred crystal of co-Creation” right in our hands with daily declarations that call in our galactic families and all Divine Beings to assist us in co-Creating NESARA’s full enactment — not someday, but Now:

“Let your Earth self know how important they are.

“Alert your soul, higher self, and soul family that you are ready to move into the full aspect of your Earth mission . . .

“[Realize] your own god/goddess presence . . . intentionally call in the active intervention of those in the higher realms, and those galactic family and friends on the ships around Earth, upon Her surface, and in Inner Earth.

“Tell them you require their assistance, requesting all forms of benevolent intervention.

“Interventions that respect human free will, yet drastically speed along NESARA’s full enactment.

“Thank them for all they are doing now.

“Say you are ready to stand as a Light Warrior who protects and guards the principles of a free and independent race of beings who must now be sovereign . . . “

Read the whole Message here, and if you find it helpful, please share with others!

Let’s require and call in higher assistance on all levels. NESARA is not just a nice idea anymore. Now is the Time.

Sending Love to all, with great Thanks for all you are, and all you do!


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