21st January 2022. Mike Quinsey.

21st.January 2022. Mike Quinsey. 

Extracts from Kryon. 2018. Describes what the real you is like on the “Other Side” in amazing detail.

Have you ever wondered what is on the “other side” of the veil that separates us from the higher dimensions? There is music that you pick up through your senses. The veil is getting thinner and beautiful things are coming, and you will enter into an advanced knowledge as you are part of All That Is. There are more dimensions in the new energy that are new to you. It will be the first step to the evolution of Planet Earth, the first step to making your DNA start to vibrate at a greater percentage than 33% or 35% on its way to 44%. It will be reassuring, with no apprehension stepping into the unknown. You will appreciate the God inside and being One with everything.

21st January 2022. Mike Quinsey. 

At last there are signs that Covid virus and later variants are beginning to have less effect on you. With high death rates many of you have pondered what is the nature of human death and what can a soul expect to experience in the higher realms. There is much confusion depending on your belief as to whether you resurrect your body. It would help you to understand the position if you understood the truth, that you have no further use for your physical body once you have died. It is flesh and blood that decays and eventually disappears, leaving just your skeleton that serves no further function and is therefore not resurrected.

So you wonder what is next for the soul that is you,  and we can tell you that as has been recounted by those who have had the experience, once you leave your physical body you will immediately find yourself in your etheric body. It is a finer version of it and free from any illness, deformity or injuries, It is as you were a human in the prime of life. Some souls expect to be exactly the same as on Earth until they realise that they have the power of thought to change things, it will remain as such.

It is normal to first meet family and friends for a reunion, but in short time you are called to meet your mentor that is also referred to as your Guide. There is an appraisal of your life and measures suggested to overcome problems that were not cleared. They will feature in your next life, giving you an opportunity to overcome them and a life plan is arranged after a mutual discussion. There is no judgement or punishment for mistakes as some believe, but they will have to be addressed and experienced again with the aim of acquiring a successful conclusion. Life has a purpose that revolves around your spiritual growth and you will get all of the help you need. Some souls will re-incarnate quickly and return to Earth to continue their growth. With Ascension getting closer others may stay in the higher realms to either ascend or carry on with their evolution at an appropriate level.

There is a place that is referred to as Hell where souls who have a very low level vibration will find themselves in one of the darker levels. They often have little light at all, but those souls who have lifted up their vibrations will naturally be attracted to the higher levels of light. The more negative a soul is the less light is attracted by them and present in their aura. It means that each soul upon death of the physical will automatically find themselves at a similar level. To a higher soul the lower levels would appear extremely dark and lacking in light.

This particular period of time is unique inasmuch that it is a one-off opportunity to permanently leave the lower levels of vibration. The dark Ones have tried their hardest to keep you from learning the truth, so that you end up having a series of lives often with little if any understanding of how to rise up into the higher levels of vibrations. Some of it is due to the enormous number of different teachings concerning the afterlife. Some carry teachings that touch upon the truth, but few give a simple account of what the true reality is making it difficult to determine which teachings are the most helpful and in line with the truth.

It would be true to say that as people are clearly at many different levels of understanding they seek advancement according to their ability to accept what is given. Logically all paths must eventually lead to the truth but getting there is clearly difficult when presented with so many options. To this end it must be said that you are not left alone to make progress, and events will be arranged to ensure your progress. It needs you to make the first step and as soon as your Guides are aware you have awakened they will be by your side. Clearly meeting other souls who have progressed towards the truth will help to answer your needs, but in the ultimate it is you who decide what steps to take to ensure your steady progress.

Dear Ones, we know that making progress does not come easily but with pure intent you will almost certainly find the way forward. There are many ways of acquiring knowledge and over the ages many good books have been written to guide those who seek help. You have many groups and societies that profess to have the true teachings based for example on those given by Jesus and recorded in the Bible. However, you still need to be careful what you believe so be discerning at all times.

Much of your progress will have been arranged so that it suits you personally. The most important truth at this time is that God is inside you, and when you are able to acknowledge it you have always your own direct line of contact. How difficult it is to set your mind at rest when you have so many options but you will obviously find your path as a result of your seeking. Certainly when you are ready to progress you will get plenty of help so be assured that in your quiet moments your Guides will be able to contact you.  No one wants you to fail except the dark Ones who will willingly lead you astray indeed they will poison your mind and attract you to a path of self-gratification.

If you feel your progress is slow do not worry as you will only be given what is suitable for your spiritual growth at the time. But if you feel ready every help will be given in one way or another.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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