Starting the New Year with Love


“The next time you go out in the world, you might try this practice: directing your attention to people—in their cars, on the sidewalk, talking on their cell phones—just wish for them all to be happy and well.

Without knowing anything about them, they can become very real, by regarding each of them personally and rejoicing in the comforts and pleasures that come their way. Each of us has this soft spot: a capacity for love and tenderness. But if we don’t encourage it, we can get pretty stubborn about remaining sour.” — Pema Chodron, from her book Becoming Bodhisattvas

Hello Beautiful  —


I’ve been reflecting lately on what really matters. I didn’t notice right away that this was the focus of my contemplation. It dawned on my gradually — I realized I was wondering about how I most want to use my energy. What do I want to be doing each day, now that I am feeling so much better and can do more again.

I don’t know the answer exactly. It includes many things — but the deeper answer about what matters? Is love. Overall and more than anything, once again I became aware that I care about kindness, seeing other people and letting them be as they are as much as I can, being open, friendly, and in whatever ways I can, I want to be a presence of love, a source of love. I want to be someone who loves. 

I watched a wonderful video recently which pointed out something shockingly obvious I’d never thought of before: that when you love unconditionally, you don’t need to know anything about a person to love them. They also encouraged us to express love more often — another thing I am choosing to make part of my life.

So let me start now — I love you. I appreciate you. Yes, I am writing to you and some of you and I, we do know one another, and others of you, not yet. But I care about you, and love you. I am glad you’re reading this and glad you woke up today. I’m happy for the chance to connect and share and to be here on this Earth when you are. I’m glad you’re here. I hope you can feel this. Maybe even let yourself lie around and rest a bit today and soak up how it feels to be easy and pleased with yourself. To allow yourself to receive love and enjoy it.

Friend — let’s love more.
And Happy New Year!!!!

May you be happy and safe, live with ease and a free heart!
Free to be you! Free to LOVE what you LOVE and free to love, LIFE!

Doesn’t that sound good?
Me too. I want that for me too.

🙂 Feels good doesn’t it?
More LOVE!!! Yes to that!




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