Live Your Truth Soar Fest


Hey Beautiful —

It’s not unusual for me to feel eager about an upcoming program, but I am off the charts crazy-enthusiastic, about what I can feel is coming in our first of the year Soar Fest which starts this Thursday!


I love knowing that our own Inner Divinity is emanating through us and when we cultivate an open, receptive relationship to who we truly are, our lives become radiant and liberated!

Confidence, ease, self-trust, clear in purpose…
these are some of the things that we feel quite naturally, when we are true to ourselves.

There is no more wonderful experience than understanding yourself and knowing what truly matters to you. Feeling your value and knowing your uniqueness and beauty.

As I open more and more to the non-physical ME, and invite that connection to in-form me, I grow in my ability to know my own value and feel increasingly worthy to receive in every possible way. We all deserve to know this and feel this way!

If you would like to join us, for the Live Your Truth Soar Fest,please click here and you’ll find all the details and can register. The program is a series of channeled transmissions that provide us with the perfect energy and information for our evolution at this time.

It’s a fun, uplifting and beautiful way to grow spiritually and feel connected and supported.

Each session is recorded so you can participate no matter where you live. The option for written transcripts (if you prefer) is also available.  

The first transmission will be given this Thursday!!!
I hope you’ll join us! Click here for all the details.

With love,


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