A Message to Light Bringers – December 14, 2021 🌟


A Message to Light Bringers
December 14, 2021


Today’s message is an excerpt from the Collective’s new book, New Earth Journeys, releasing on Amazon on Tuesday, December 21, 2021.

As with all the Collective’s books, each chapter begins with a question from a Light Bringer.

This excerpt is from Chapter 3 – “On Finally Hearing the Truth from the Mainstream Media.”

QUESTION: When will the truth be told to the misled brainwashed masses? When will the mainstream media (currently known as the lame-stream media) become uncontrolled, so that the truth may be told?

This is absolutely vital for any chance at moving forward and constructing a positive future. In my opinion, this has been held back for far too long.

And have you heard any more from my buddy, Johnny Rhythm [John Lennon]?

His words interweave with my question: “All I want is the truth / Just gimme some truth.”

THE COLLECTIVE: They do indeed! And the energies embedded in those lines of music have been a Light on the path of many.

The one you knew as Lennon wishes now to say:

“Truth is coming down the line so fast and hard, it will feel like a freight train hitting the world when it finally happens in the fullest sense.

“On that day, everyone who has chosen to experience this New Earth reality will open their eyes, many for the first time, to understand who and what has been running the planet on their own terms, for their own shadowy purposes.

“Finally, there will be nowhere for that group to hide. Even now they are unable to hide from the Light, though they delude themselves daily that they are ‘winning.’

“You could almost feel sorry for those former overlords, yet they chose this dark path for their own reasons. They may follow it as they wish, but Earth is no longer their playground and their headquarters.

“She is hereby returned to Her own sovereignty, and to the stewardship of all who Love and honor Her.

“Yes! So much breaking through now. Don’t even ask ‘when’—say to yourselves every day, ‘We are there! The Time is Now!’

“Of course, that’s the only Time anyone ever has, and it turns out, that is enough.”

*   *   *   *   *

Well said! And so we would also say, regarding when the mainstream media will be in a position to finally speak the truth, that there are many already amongst them who are assisting the Light Forces and the White Knights of the Ashtar Command in speaking the truth whenever possible.

Understand that mainstream media editors and managers have been warned to never allow their journalists to announce what many of them know to be true . . .  



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