Evolutionary Opportunities – Working with the Eclipse Cycle


Heyyyy Eternal Being,

REALLY BIG inner shifts are possible right now.

I am writing to share with you some ideas for working with the current Eclipse Energies and also announcing that we’ve opened up the second Live Stream Channeled Event (THURSDAY, Dec. 2 at 1:00 pm) as part of the Eclipse Cycle Program as a stand alone — if you’d like to come and play!

A bit more about what is going on right now.

We may be more aware of the old stuff coming up, but that is what it is showing up for. Even as a Walk-in (only having been here since 2013) I’m having lots of stuff from the past which is stored in my body, the somatic memories, surfacing in both dreams and waking states. Along with big waves at times of fear.

Realize that there is an opportunity right now to (RE)CLAIM our true Self, and with that, align to all that we are, in consciousness. This shift is resonant with consciousness that is beyond polarity or separation and this shift — beyond separation, into Oneness, is the shift we’re in collectively as a species.

The wake up call here, as I am experiencing it, is to realize my relationship to the true Self (Soul, I AM Presence, Eternal Self, Christed Consciousness, etc) and come into right relationship. Coming into accord with Life Itself and who I truly am.

My sense of this right relationship is that we open to the true Self and grow in our capacity to surrender to the it, understanding this is our divine eternalness. It it me and I am it. So surrender is really much more about alignment and coming into resonance or accord with my True Self. The other part of this is willingness to express — to LIVE OUR TRUTH. Thus empowering flow.

More and more I realize that an aligned aim for living is to aspire to true expression. To let what wants to flow through me, be expressed. To learn to continue to do this as I expand and ch


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