If you run want to bring your vastness forth … open this.


The first thing I see when I sit down to work at my desk is a post-it front and center that says, simply: Start, by inviting support.

🥰  (This is what it feels like to let myself be generously supported!!!)

This note is a reminder to me, from me, that my own vastness, my true Self is here, always reaching out to me, and always wanting to give to me that which I need…but I NEED TO REMEMBER and this, and OPEN TO IT.

I have to remember that this resource, this loving friend, this ally who has my back on everything is here for me!

I have to call upon my own greater Self and open up to receive.

Amazing Being ~ If you are anything like me, you likely forget to do this.

Or maybe, truth be told… You are not even sure that you have thiskind of ally in the non-physical. One that can AND WILL, step in and help with everything — the big stuff and the little stuff.

If you’d like to change that, then I am here to offer an opportunity to playfully, joyfully, little by little, discover what is really here for you in terms of support.

This is a new program we’re offering, and it’s launching and set up to align with and leverage the Eclipse Cycle that starts Thursday.

The program is a mix of group work and private, quiet, deeply nourishing time.

We’ll have two live events (before and after the Eclipses). Then, in between them, there will be guided inner work.

For the 14 days between the Eclipses, you’ll wake up and find an email in your inbox providing you with materials for a short session of inner focus.

These will be progressive, varied, uplifting, channeled transmission (including guided experiences, affirmations, playsheets/writing exercises, channeled activations and messages).  These short inner play-sessions are focused on Creating with the Infinite, and will help you strengthen your connection to your divine self, expand your clarity and consciousness while building self-trust.

The way you use this time will also allow you to develop a vocabulary of inner skills to continue to work with your Divine Self, co-creating with the Infinite anytime you wish.

So you can experiment, and expand your ways of connection and creating with the Infinite!
So you can reclaim your innate capacities to receive, summon, invite, and open to the non-physical you who wants the best for you, knows what will fulfill you and can guide you in any moment, in any experience, in ways that serve you and your divine embodiment.

If you’d like to learn more about this, you can find all the details here:

👉  Creating with the Infinite

The field gathering for these transmissions and transformation, is really beautiful. Just like the energies I’m feeling for these Eclipses.

I am kind of bowled over by the possibilities!!
I invite YOU to give yourself this amazing opportunity to learn how to let in more support. More love. More peace. More clarity. More of anything that you need and the things you don’t even know will serve you.

I invite you (and ENCOURAGE YOU!!!) to open yourself to receive the gifts your True Self has for you!!!

Are you ready to get some clear simple suggestions for how to do that? Some fun and playful ideas?
To find your groove with this? To become confident and creative in that connection?

If you’d welcome that, we’d love to assist!

Thank you for caring about your growth!

There is the potential for amazing beauty and greatness within each of us.
Just as we are. JUST AS WE ARE!!

How wonderful is that?
So. Good.

I can’t wait to share in this with you. If this speaks to you, please join us.

Sending LOVE & Happiness your way,


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