Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/06/2021 • Are you living in “Reality?”

Message from the Angels
Messages from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Are you living in the real world? Are you living in the world of love, abundance, peace, joy, and harmony? Are you living in the world where the Source of all love and life wants to fulfill the essence of each and every desire in your heart?

Or are you living in the world created by those who have blocked the flow of love in their world a long time ago? Are you living in a world that you were conditioned to believe is real? Heaven and hell and every world in between exist simultaneously, in every single space and time. These are dimensions of awareness that exist at different frequencies, much as your different television and radio stations. You get to choose which one you attune yourselves to.

In the middle of the Great Depression most would have said the “real world” was a dismal mess. Yet there were many thriving, in their own “realities.” There were many who found opportunities to create work, employ others, and invest when stocks were low. In the middle of the pandemic, billions living in the “real” world agonized because their lives were interrupted, they were isolated, and scared. Yet there were also many of you who were relieved that you finally had time to yourselves, time to rest and time to rethink your lives. There are people at this moment, in war-torn countries, where bombs are going off in the “real” world, and yet they are living in love, laughing with their families, and living in a vibration completely apart from what is going on around them. To them, their world – the world of eternal love – is more real, than the world of war.

You get to choose which “reality” you attune yourself to. You get to choose where you place your focus.

Reality, as we know it, is a world of unbounded, formless, infinite love just waiting to be molded into form with your focus. Reality is an energetic world in which thought creates vibration, vibration attracts what you are tuning into, and what you tune into draws the unseen into form. Our reality is the world in which you are loved beyond measure, a world in which you are guided in each and every moment of your lives, a world in which you are loved beyond measure.

Most people look at what has already been created in your 3D world, and say, “This is the way it is! This is reality! Live with it. Deal with it. You’re fated to it. Put up with it. Try to make the best of it.”

With all the love in our beings, we gently remind you that were not designed to react and survive. You were designed to create and thrive.

So when you look at the 3D world around you, look deeper. When you see the pandemic, the upsets, the frustrations, the restrictions, the blockages, the bickering, etc., look deeper. Most are still trying to “fix” all that exists now, which is – in our reality – what was created in your past. Most are looking at what has already been created and are saying, “This is reality.” However, dear ones, the deeper reality is the unseen, unbounded, formless, infinite love that you are molding with your focus in this very moment! The deeper reality is the well-being that you are collectively calling for. The deeper reality is the freedom that you are calling for. The deeper reality is the harmony you are calling for. This is the reality that you will live to witness coming into form because you are creating it with your faith and your focus here and now.

The hair on your head is real in the world of form. It exists. Nonetheless, there is a deeper and more elegant reality within you. Within you exists the potential to grow the most perfect, healthy hair you could imagine! Depending on your diet, circulation, and especially stress or relaxation exists an invisible world of hair being nurtured and grown or pinched off and restricted. Beyond even that, exists a world of energy that either informs the perfection of your body or is pinched off. Your faith and focus, or your doubt and limiting beliefs control how much that world of energy is allowed to inform and coordinate your cells. The hair you will see on your head next month depends on what goes on inside of you right now. Likewise, the reality you see in your future depends on what is going on inside of you right now!

So if you want well-being, tune into the “loving energetic reality” of well-being by focusing on any good feeling you can. Give thanks for everything you love about your body, every sensory feeling you enjoy, every sight that you love, every smell and taste that you savor, every slight touch of the breeze upon your skin. As you focus on the wonder and the wellness of any part of your body, you start to tune into the “loving energetic reality” of well-being. You allow Love to inform your cells and call them to operate in greater harmony. Any good feeling in your body assists you in allowing every good feeling in your body. People have healed from fatal diseases by choosing to focus on living their lives in joy and enjoying what they can. Next time you don’t feel perfect in your body, do what you need to do to handle the issue, according to your own guidance, then focus on anything and everything else that does feel good. You will heal so much more quickly by tuning in to the “reality” of well-being.

Likewise, if you have frustration with another human being, this may be very real in your world. You may even have just cause. However, you can, if you like, turn your focus to the “reality” of harmony in your life. You can focus on all the wonderful people whom you love and adore. You can focus on your wondrous relationship with your animals. You can focus on all you appreciate about your life and yourself. Soon, in this space of focusing on the things that make you feel good and feeling the “reality” of love in so many other areas of life, you will not find the need to focus on the “reality” of irritation, because you simply prefer to focus on the “reality” that feels better.

There are so many “realities” dear friends. Each of you lives in the same world and yet each of you lives in your own “reality.” Two of you in the exact same place at the exact same time can experience the same human life and have two very different experiences of “reality.” Of course, the deepest version of “reality” is love.

You get to choose what you focus upon. Why not focus on the “reality” of love? If your hair were not healthy you could obsess about it, or you could take care of your body and focus your thoughts on things that uplift, and soon your outer world would reflect the inner. As you focused on loving thoughts your muscles would relax. Increased circulation would flow to the scalp. You would crave healthy foods and movement. The relaxation would assist in creating a wonderful hormonal balance. You might say to us, “but losing hair runs in my family,” and it may well do so, but you, with your focus and habits, can choose to repeat the family genetics or cause new gene expressions!

And you dear ones, can choose to repeat the realities you have been conditioned to create, the ones you focus upon over and over again that you see in your world, or you can create a reality that is far more “real” and eternal – a reality based on love, well-being, harmony, and all that you desire.

No matter what is going on in your 3D “real” world, ocus on the world that is more real. Focus on the love that is offered to you daily in the smallest of pleasures. Focus on the fact that you are a walking miracle – a kingdom of cells that love you and attempt greater order at all times. Focus on the people in your world who are doing good, behaving kindly, and laboring in love. Focus on all that you do right instead of criticizing what you do wrong. You will not be able to maintain this positive, happy, focus at all times but when the “real” 3D world causes you to wobble, align yourself once again with love in the simplest of ways. Hug yourself. Notice something good. Focus on the world in your mind that you are creating. Dream of better.

Reality, dear ones, is unique to each of you. The greater, most “real” world, however, is a world where your thoughts are your power tools, your feelings are your guides, and statistics have no bearing whatsoever on what you choose to create.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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