Bendings and E-ginnings from the Time Tube!


Despite everything that is going on, and how seemingly horrible it appears, Archangel Michael assures us that this global initiation is a carefully-guided mass awakening now in progress. 

If you’re been following the YT series, you probably know that messages from a being claiming to be Archangel Michael have come through with mysterious, Nostradamus-like clarity, which describe an incredible number of aspects of what is going on, right now. 

He has now dictated an entire book on Ascension, from his own unique perspective, and handed it to us as a highly unexpected gift. 

The book itself was dictated in 1999, and yet this whole work is like a time-tube between the present and 1999. 

While out on my walk today, I realized that “I Like This End of the Tube a Lot Better!” I have been truly “mystified, awed and humbled,” as I’ve now discussed on YT these last three Sundays. Check out the replays of the Insider Revelation Series, right here. 

Michael indicates that folks like me and you have been guided to co-create this new world on our own… without the early, flagrant intervention of benevolent, angelic ETs into our physical reality. 

The change is up to us. It’s coming. And it’s incredibly uplifting. 

It’s all admittedly very, very strange. The sheer volume of Michael data is gigantic, which is why I am including the channeled work, with footnotes, an ebook, and an audio book in the new course, The Disclosure. 

By going through all we’re going through right now, we have earned a timelinewhere we do not have to suffer massive Earth Changes to reach “Ascension” into the new “fourth-density” Earth. 

If you didn’t get a chance to watch last Sunday’s show, I would definitely recommend it!  You can check out the replays here. 

First off, I actually kept it under three hours. YES!

Secondly, I threw away my slides and extemporized the whole time on very relevant issues, such as this Michael time loop and our relationship to the powers that were… 

We have had rave reviews about the spiritual aspects of Sunday’s show. 

We are undeniably on the ascension timeline.

We are undeniably being lifted and supported by other sentient beings and the conscious universe.

Now to knock it down a few chakras and talk shop, I wanted to address some questions about The Disclosure that I saw come-up on Sunday’s chat, but didn’t have a chance to answer…

As a reminder, the doors close this week! The experience begins on Sunday! So now is your last chance to register! 

More than one of you have written in inquiring about the digital art print available to you when you step into The Disclosure.

I wanted to shed some light on bonuses here: 

Earlier along, we said we were going to do a portrait of the five types of ETs who have been found here on Earth. 

In light of what has now transpired, I feel a visionary art portrait of Archangel Michael is the wisest and most potentially useful gift we can offer you. 

It goes without saying that this will be one artist’s interpretation, and should not be construed as any type of definitive portrait. 

Sometimes it just helps to have a face to visualize. It might help you as you listen to me dictate Michael’s words, for however many hours that’s going to take. Seriously. 

I will sign the image, and also do my best to hold myself open to Michael’s intensely rarefied influence. No bad vibes or funny moods. Pure angelic space at the time we prepare your images.

Some folks might think this is cheesy and that is fine. Let me please stress that Michael is available to all of us, through prayer, and this is just going to be my own “vibrational signature.”

In addition to six weeks’ worth of beautiful documentary film on ETs, advanced technology and human levitation, in The Disclosure, you’re also going to receive: 

  1. The entirety of the Michael Prophecies (audiobook, ebook, my interpretations) 
  2. A guided meditation from Elizabeth and me, helping you prepare your body for ascension — and balance the masculine and feminine frequencies 
  3. The entire first module is co-led with Elizabeth too! So you’ll receive an interview between her and the insider, right out of the gate this weekend when we kick-off! 
  4. Top Tech Deep Dive: Elizabeth joked and called this one “Geeks talk about Planes” — but it’s more than that. We cover a variety of topics related to the history and future of technology. 

The doors close this week. At that point, these bonuses will go away. Nooooooooooo!

So, register now if you’d like the Michael Prophecies, the art print, the meditation, and much more amazing material.

Here’s where you go to check-out! 

Gratitude & Light,


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