The Power of Prophecy and why you should care


Over the course of my last three livestreams, I have been reading prophecies of our present that are as mind-blowing as anything I’m aware of in modern times. 

Everything we are seeing unfold now was already precisely described in 1999, along with a sincere apology that this crisis was necessary to advance human evolution. 

The gift for us going through this ordeal is a sudden, stunning leap forward in advanced technology and further ascension.

But, why is prophecy valuable anyway?

Listen, there is a reason the cabal values prophecy above all else (and believe me, they do)…

  • Prophecy is valuable because it provides a window into a possible future. 
  • Prophecy is powerful because when we have an idea of how the book will end, we can choose how we interact with it. 
  • Prophecy is an advisory to be aware of the road we are on. In this case, Michael has given incredible insight into why this global ordeal was necessary to save Earth. 

The Michael Prophecies are revealed teachings from a source claiming to be Archangel Michael. It was life-changing when it was happening. Now I am stunned to realize that all the strange, encrypted language Michael used for months was all dialed into this present time.

Based on the precision of their content and the accuracy of the prophecies, I believe these messages were specifically designed to be shared with you, right now.

The beings are really just using me, because they want to talk to you.. 

If you haven’t yet heard about the news, I am now including the Michael Prophecies in The Disclosure course experience, which is a stunning six-week trip down the rabbit hole with the most exciting new insider to come along in years!


You’ll get the Michael Prophecies audiobook so you can hear the words in their intended form, and attune your frequency to the source. 

You’ll get the eBook with the written text, so you can study and interpret the meanings of the passages for yourself and check my interpretations. 

On top of all this, you’ll still receive the full Disclosure course experience when you step-in.

Tomorrow is our last and final live stream before I head back to Arizona—much like a finale for this phase of the series. I am bringing everything together— it’s called THE CULMINATION: 4D Activation and Becoming a Spiritual Warrior.

Don’t miss it! 

Mark your calendars. I go live tomorrow at 3:00 pm PT on Sunday.

See you there,


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